Monday, October 22, 2007

Jon and Kate + 8 = Jeremy and Alicia

Have you ever seen the show Jon and Kate plus 8? I love it and became addicted to it over the summer.

These two are Jeremy and myself to a T.

Really. Watch it.

Not only because you'll be watching Jer and I in the form of a Korean guy and blond chic, but because its hilarious.

Jon brings home the bacon, Kate runs the house. Jon is easy going, Kate is high strung and must have things scheduled and things in place. Their petty fights and mean words said are only out of frustration and said just as quickly as it is forgotten.

I've been telling Jeremy about this show since Scotland. He watched it for the first time 2 weeks ago and we were cracking up because some of their arguments are word for word, verbatim, the same silly things Jer and I fight about.

Now, after obsessing with this show for the last 6 months, I told Jer we should have 8 kids because "it would be fun!"

Back me up here... don't you think Jeremy should consider having 8 kids? Not that I want to shoot them all from my belly like Kate did... but if someone else wants to step up to the plate, carry a bunch of little fetuses with mine and Jer's DNA, I'm all for raising the children!

Do you think I'm insane now?


  1. LOL ... i can just picture Jeremy trying to manage 8. i think the stores would run out of duct tape and velcro! hahahaha!!!

  2. yes I think you are CRAZY....I just had the boys for one night and I know there is NO way I am ever having children. but I like the show too