Friday, October 12, 2007

First God, Then Mommy

Jeremy's conversation with Kyra in Wal-Mart yesterday went something like this:

Jeremy: Kyra, wanna go with Daddy and look at computer magazines?
Kyra: Puter mag-zine. Daddy.
Me: You're not getting a computer magazine.
Jer: Sorry, Kyra. Mommy says we can't have one and Mommy's the boss.
Kyra: Mommy. Boss.
Jer: Yep, Mommy's the boss. Pecking order is God first, then Mommy, then Bishop and Cricket, then the toad down the road, then comes Daddy.
Kyra: Then cun Daddy.
Jer: That's right, then comes Daddy. Daddy's ahead of Kyra.


  1. LOL ... tell him he's lucky to at least be ahead of someone. hahaha

  2. So, is anyone (or anything) after Kyra? It's never too early to learn how to boss others around...