Friday, September 07, 2007

Tips That Work- For Me

I'll share with you some tips that have been passed along to me in the last month that have worked wonders in my house.
Potty Training

1) Let your toddler run naked for a few days (or I was told weeks, actually) to start the potty training. I have no idea why it works, but after a few accidents Kyra got the hang of "holding it" long before I could pick my doubtful jaw off the floor.

2) Do. Not. put them back in diapers. Okay, so I cheated on this the first week. I didn't trust Kyra to suppress her business even on the short "we're out of all the essential food" trips to the grocery store. But after I tested the waters in church (of all places I figured The All Mighty might help me out here the most) I stopped putting a diaper on her for anything more then nap and bed times. Accidents happened, heck, they still do but for the most part it is usually my fault for not paying enough attention to Kyra's warning signs.

Bed Times

1) If your child wants to climb into bed with you in the middle of the night, and this causes you to get a crappy nights sleep... put them back into their own bed! It may take you 4 and 5 times a night, every hour, on the hour - for two weeks - and you begin to wonder if it's just not worth it to go ahead and let them sleep with you already, don't give up. I've been there, done that, still have residual bags under my eyes to prove it. They will scream and cry and let you know you are the worst Mommy in the whole wide world, but eventually they'll figure out they are not even going to step so much as a toe in your bed to sleep.

2) If your sweet little ball of sunshine is getting up consistently before the sun, let them cry in their bed for 15 minutes before you come in to get them. Keep pushing back that 15 minutes until they they are waking up when (a)it's an acceptable hour and (b) they get the understanding that you will come get them when you are ready. One of my girlfriends passed this tip on to me as her son was much like mine- up by 6:30 every morning, if not earlier. When she told her pediatrician's nurse, the lady swore by this, and now so does my friend and so do I.
Kyra would wake up between 6 & 6:30, I'd tell her to get back in bed (and sometimes put her in when she refused to budge), let her cry for 15 minutes before letting her crawl into my bed and watch some PBS kids for a few minutes until I could pry my eyes open. Folks, for the last (almost) week now she's been getting up between 7:20 & 8. Instead of crying in bed for 15 minutes she's now quietly playing with her dolls until it's time for Curious George or Clifford the Big Red Dog. She gets to watch one full (or partial we miss the beginning) episode before morning routine begins. It's my way of rewarding her for making it past the early hours when Clifford's Puppy Days is showing.

Now, if any of you have tips on how to make my child eat, as she is lately taken aback at the thought of swallowing more then a bite or two of for meals and snacks are now used to fatten up the dogs, I'll gladly accept them. Last thing I need her doing is loosing any weight before her 2 year well baby check up next week.


  1. First - thank you sooooo much for your potty training tips. I am seriously going to try them out starting on monday (things work easier when Daddy isn't around).

    Second - Can't help ya with the food thing, my little Kira is doing the same thing now again that she's breaking in the bottom incisors AND back molars. I consider it a good day if she eats a bowl of sultanas and drinks a cup of milk! Oh how I hate the teething.

  2. Is it picky eater eating or not eating at all? I think I read somewhere that if the child is being picky, then just go with the phase. PB&J for a month won't kill anyone (as proved by Big Brother on tv). My advice (without any experience to back it up) is to just go with it, and when she gets hungry, she'll eat.

  3. P.S. You might want to ask your doctor about these eating habits now. Then he'll be advised, and you won't have to worry as much about his opinion at her next appointment. They're used to mothers asking anxious questions. They won't mind.

  4. Erica- Good luck with your efforts! And I agree with you that it's easier to get things done when daddy's away. I was determined to have her trained before Jer comes home for the same reason.
    I'd be nice to know that Kyra's eating has everything to do with teeth, but sadly I've never been able to make that connection. Though maybe there's a connection somewhere else that I'm missing?

    Jennifer- She's just not eating more then 3-4 bites, 3 times a day. Period. I wish it was just a picky eater thing, at least I know she'd be eating! I'm more scared of going to another check up and having them tell me she's dropped again on the weight percentage and I get another "do something, NOW" speech.

  5. my little man is a pretty good eater but I have gotten some ideas from one of the six gazillion parenting books I have locked away in my closet.

    One find is a "nibble tray". take an ice cube tray and fill it up with bite size pieces of different foods- pb&j, veggies, fruit, crackers, pasta pieces, whatever you want and have it out for Kyra so that anytime she wants it she can have it. I have one for LM and other the pain of teaching the dogs that it wasn't for them it works out good. He manages to eat all of the veggies/fruit I put in it- most of the time.

    Have you tried getting some cookie cutters and things like that to make it look "fun". I don't know that I totally by this but I have a friend who's daughter will only eat grilled cheese "flowers".

    Don't know that this will help but I suppose it may be worth a try.. good luck...

    p.s. Is Kyra a juice/milk drinker? My doctor made sure I wasnt giving LM more than 18 ounces of milk and limited juice (he actually just drinks water and eats fruit) because it can ruin their appetite

  6. Erin- I'm definatly going to try your "nibble tray" idea. I had never heard of that but it sounds like its easier on me too! This is granted she doesn't climb up to the table, put a piece of fruit in her mouth then promptly throw it to the floor to feed the dog with it like she's been doing with her "please please please eat this little bit before I put you down to play" snacks. Oh, this has become such a fun game for her.

    I'm not sure how the cookie cutters will do with her... I would think she would care less, but believe for tomorrow's ham sandwich she's going to have a pretty flower too!

  7. Oh, and she only has 2 cups of soy milk in the mornings and its water the rest of the day for her as well.

  8. Thank you for your advice! I know I will be needing it all in the near future. Now, as far as eating goes, I'm finding out that I am having the same problems with Aeralyn now that she is primarily on solid food. I think that Kyra and Aeralyn are both the same in which, they just do not want to stop long enough to eat. They are too busy running and playing that eating is an inconvenience. And honestly? I have no idea what to do about that. Meal times have become torturous around these parts because Aeralyn HATES to be strapped in her highchair, but if we don't strap her in, she stands up in it and tries to climb out. If you were walking by my house at dinner time, you would think that we were dipping her feet in fire or something. I know someone who used to chase their child around the house trying to get them to take a bite because they didn't like the highchair and didn't want to stop playing. I personally am not doing that because I want Aeralyn to know that meal times are times to sit at the table, but if I got desperate enough, I'm sure I would do anything. So really, I guess I don't have any advice, but I can say that I somewhat feel your pain. Good luck with the food adventures!