Sunday, August 19, 2007

Mission: Identify The Mystery Substance

***Now with the story behind the picture***
I'll send a box full of brownies to the first person who can correctly tell me what baby product Kyra has gotten into while supposed to be taking an afternoon nap. I'll give you some hints: it's white (obviously), flaky when dried, and she was covered from head to toe in it. (Had I though of it a few minutes earlier I would have taken a picture of her covered head to toe instead of just her face in the bathtub)

I put Kyra down for a nap after her lunch, same as I do every day. Kyra plays in her bed, gets up, comes down stairs, gets hollered at, climbs back in bed to play some more. Normally, this playing process lasts anywhere from 10 minutes to nearly an hour before she falls asleep.

After 15 minutes or so quiet filters down the stairs and all signs of life cease. Good. Mama has a new book she's aching to start. My new thing, since it has be incredibly gorgeous weather here in New England, is to sit on the front porch in my rocker and read, peacefully.

Phone rings, I dash inside to grab it before it wakes her up. Walk quietly back outside to talk.

Me: Hello?
Caller: Hey, what are you doing?
Me: Nothing much. Kyra just went down for a nap.
Caller: Oh, I didn't wake her up did I?
Me: No, I don't think so. Even still, if she does wake up all the windows are open and she'll just start crying to let me know.

Start crying, HA! I just had to jinx myself.

Just as quiet as could be she, apparently, climbed to the top of her changing table, found her liquid baby powder and commenced to rubbing it over her entire body. Kyra was covered, the cloth over the changing pad was covered and a large spot on the floor.

30 minutes later while still chatting on the phone Kyra comes to the screen door. "Hi Mummy!" she says just as happy and cheery as she could be. I go in to get her, she's got a clean spoon in her hand and is covered from head to toe in a white, flaky substance.

Great, she's gotten into something in the kitchen. What could she get into, there's nothing at her level...

Kitchen is clear.

Kyra, can you show Mommy where you got dirty?

I'm led upstairs to her room, to her changing table, where everything is covered in the same flaky, white substance.

Today, the spot on the floor is now clean. The cloth on the pad has been washed. The table itself, now in the garage- still dirty.

Kyra? Is now taking naps downstairs on the couch.

**Lisa had the closest answer with "baby powder." Congratulations! Email me your address and a box full of brownies will be heading your direction!


  1. I am going to guess baby powder? Even though she's quite messy she sure does look cute!

  2. My guess is Destin/Balmex/ butt stuff.. bet that was fun to wash off..

    BTW Kyra is getting so big and SO adorable (not that she wasn't before) now she is extra- big girl adorable

  3. I'm going to have to go with diaper rash cream too. And I have to say, she looks absolutely stunning in that picture! She is a gorgeous little girl! I can't wait to see y'all again.

  4. Just to be different, I'm going to go with toothpaste, the plain white kind. It's not like I could eat a box of brownies right now anyway.

  5. i was thinking the butt cream stuff too but I am already a little late on the response.....and i don't need brownies....but i REALLY want to hear the story!!!

  6. Hahah I have no idea. Great photo though. :)

    (ps: Sorry I haven't been around lately - going through alot of personal issues, none of which I wanted to write about)

  7. Hmmmm... I've been out of the baby business for a long time, so I don't know what new products are out there. I know for a fact though, that Desitin is NOT flakey when dry (it DOESN'T dry -- go ahead, ask me HOW I know!!) so the only thing I can think of is rice cereal. Surely she's too old to be eating rice cereal though, so probably not... Laundry flakes? Fabric softener??

    That is one dangerously adorable little girl you have there.


  8. i'm going to guess it's her prescription yeast infection cream. wow, glad it wasn't my daughter needing that cleaned off ... tho it probly would have been easier with less hair. lol!

  9. oh, Kyra! what will she find next? lol!

  10. LOL! OMG she is so sneaky isn't she? I'm hoping I won't run into any of those blunders since I have such a small house. I know, I'm fooling myself.