Monday, August 13, 2007

Kangaroo Jumping and Giraffes Going Pee Pee in the Potty

Kyra has mastered the jump. Both feet now come off the ground. She also thinks it is great fun to occasionally, in the middle of her 2 inch leap of faith, to bend at the waist and fall on her bum. I think it would hurt dearly if I tried it, but I'm thinking she must have a different technique then I do because she laughs hysterically before getting up to do it again. She has turned herself into a regular jumping kangaroo, bouncing around my house 2 inches at a time, from her feet to her tail and back up again.

Along with having a Kangaroo around my house, I have also acquired a potty training Giraffe. Kyra has taken her pull toy (also known as G'aff) and started to teach it pee pee in the potty. Don't worry, G'aff isn't alone, Al Ga-or (our resident alligator whose back is a xylophone) and Al Ga-or (our alphabet spouting caterpillar with the same name) have all started potty training as well. Kyra takes each one, several times a day, and holds them over the potty while instructing them how to, uh, pee pee in the potty. She also tells them that they must wipe, flush and wash their hands. Freaking adorable, people.


  1. sounds adorable! Rachel has been having her baby talk on the phone and eat and talk, but doesn't take her to go potty (yet).