Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Project Fat- Day 1

Even with all my coaxing, begging and eating her food to make her jealous, she won't budge. I think she is rebelling and going on a hunger strike instead. This is going to be harder then I thought...

2 bites of waffle
5 Blueberries
1/2 hot dog
1/4 rice cake, 1 bite of Jello, and 2 small carrots chewed up and spit out
3 pieces of egg noodles out of the entire plate of noodles, broccoli drizzled with olive oil


  1. Don't tell me you threw out the rest of the waffle!!! Waffles should never be wasted. There are plenty of hungry 20-somethings in this world named Lindsey (well, there's at least one that I know of) that would love to have a waffle for breakfast. Who am I kidding, I'll eat a waffle any time of day, not just for breakfast...

    There must be something that she will eat. How much fat is in a crayon?

  2. Oh no, this is quite the challenge. I don't know if this is dairy (and having a pretty serious addiction to nutrition and I am embarassed to admit that) but what about the Pediasure or some of the ovaltine or carnation instant breaksfast mixed in with her soymilk or ven make smoothies out of the fruit and add some soy milk in that but use the full fat soy milk (obviously). That may work because you said that she likes fruit a bunch.

    I will rack my brain some more. Good luck

  3. thought of something else... what about homemade chicken fingers. You can coat the chicken in egg wash (eggs and a little water/milk (you can use soy)) and then breadcrumbs- they even have whole wheat bread crumbs if you look- our commissary usually even has them. This will give her some added fat and calories but is still far healthier than fast food because you are baking it.

    Also you can use skinless chicken thighs. It is a higher in fat but as long as you dont use the skin it is still a good healthy fat. The trick is to also give give her pieces of white meat as well so that she doesn't turn away from it. Actually, you can probably just skip that for now and deal with that lower fat problem in the future.

    Still thinking...

  4. Can she eat nuts? Nuts are fatty.

  5. Thank you two so much for the ideas!

    TED's Wife- Home made chicken fingers would be fabulous! Its the only thing she eats every time, with out fail, when we eat out. And that fact that it's baked, scores extra point for me!

    Lindsey- I hadn't even thought about nuts! My first thought was that she couldn't have them until she was 18 months, then I realized how old she she turned yesterday. Duh! Sadly, though, the waffle was thrown away. Had I known you wanted it, I could have mailed it to you! And I looked on the Crayola box, it doesn't give any nutritional facts.