Wednesday, March 14, 2007

And It Just Keeps Getting Better

Let me start by painting you a picture. Kyra is asleep in her bed. Jeremy is asleep in our bed. I am down stairs, cruising the internet and listening to the TV.

Kyra starts fussing. No sounds from our bed room.

Kyra fusses a little louder. Still, no sound that Jer is aware of this.

Kyra fusses, grunts, coughs, and cries some more.

Now, let me back track for a moment. Kyra has been running a fever since last night. It was 101 last night, but has been under control for all of today thanks to Tylenol and Ibuprofen. Kyra's next dose was supposed to be about 8. She went to bed at 7, so by 8 she was fast asleep and you know what they say, never wake a sleeping baby.

I go to get the Ibuprofen because that lasts for up to 8 hours, and maybe we can have a peaceful night's sleep.

Pitter patter footsteps coming from up stairs. Sounds of Kyra fussing is loud enough to clearly hear over the TV down stairs.

Here I come to save the day! with Ibuprofen in hand. Where do I find Kyra? Standing next to our bed, crying, 2 feet from Jeremy, who has YET to wake up to help her!

Jer:Uh? Huh? What?
Me: Do you not hear her crying RIGHT NEXT TO YOU?!

Jer:*silence* rolls over, goes back to sleep.

How in the hell does he sleep with his own child crying to him from 2 feet away? Really? I hear her every gasp, cough, and roll over all night long!

10 seconds ago, quite literally, I hear a loud thump followed by Kyra screaming. I run upstairs, swoop up my screaming baby, shush her, and put her back in bed. Jeremy. Is. Still. Sleeping!


  1. This is anothe rerason no babbies for me, becasue I would be the one sleeping while my child screams and cries!And my husband would be divoricing me shortly after that! I hope everything goes well and I hope she gests better! It is great when a child pee's on a nurse but I love it more when they pee on a doctor! Robby use to do that all the time! I laughed really hard becasue I worked for the doctor!

  2. Duuuuude!! I would have TOTALLY kicked him in the ass. Literally. I'm going through my own grievances with my man at the moment so I'm feeling a teensy bit more violent than usual.