Friday, March 16, 2007

Gray's Anatomy, Disappointed

I am so disappointed in you GA. What is the sense in plotting everyone against each other? Both the interns and the attendings? Its getting to be a bit much.

What kind of woman have you turned Callie into? I used to like her, but now, really, I'm so over it.

Izzy and George sleeping together? They've never been romantic with each other, not even in passing.

Meredith making nice with her father's family, this is about the only thing I liked about last night's episode.

Oh, and then you didn't show a preview for next week. Does this mean you guys are starting to run thin with ideas? With all these breaks and last night's show combined, I'd believe you're stretching yourselves thin already.

Disappointed. That's what I am, disappointed.


  1. I have to admit I was a little disappointed in last nights episode too. But I still like Callie, it's Izzy that's pissing me off. But I think this is going to be then end of George and Callie. And I don't blame Callie one bit. I guess since they didn't show a preview for next week, it means that it will be another episode. BOOO!!!

  2. Yeah I was too pissed last night to write something about the show! I really like Callie and this Izzy thing is making me mad! I think I may boycott the show....especially if next week is a rerun!