Saturday, March 17, 2007

Fatty McGee

Yes, that's me, Fatty McGee. Why, you ask? Because three days ago I bought a box of Swiss Rolls. And I've ate them. All. Much like the Peeps.

Maybe if I'd start to let Kyra eat junk food she's start putting on the pounds.

I'm such a hypocrite. I'll eat gobs of junk food but won't give Kyra even a bite. (give me some credit, I rarely eat it in front of Kyra) A lot of my reasoning is that I'm trying to raise her to eat healthier then Jeremy and I do, and then there is the fact that most of my junk is chocolate, which contains milk. However, its mostly because I'm greedy and don't want to share, not even with Jer. I blame it on my mother for having three children. It was a fend for yourself situation, and no, we were never that great at sharing.

Too bad for Kyra. She really is missing out on some tasty goodness.


  1. I feel that is exactly how I would be with my children. They would not have ANY junk food, but I sure as hell would! I blame my mother too not because she had three children but because we never had these things as a child....and now I can't get enough of them!

  2. I'm just as bad...especially when it comesto Swiss Rolls!! I haven't bought any since I was pregnant with Aeralyn because I know I'll eat them in mass quantities. Like CJ, I blame my dad a little bit for my eating habits, but for the completely opposite reason. We ate fast food ATLEAST 3 times per week, and he let me drink cokes 24/7. And of course I could have all the junk food I wanted.
    Aeralyn will not be allowed to have free reign of the junk food and soft drinks like I did, but she will get to have treats occasionally. Like CJ said, she never got them as a child, and can't get enough of them now, so I guess if I never let her have them, my plan could back fire big time.
    I'll end this now that I've written a novel in your comment section, LOL!

  3. this is possibily the funniest post yet! b/c raul got the fact about a year ago that i dont share sweets very well. in fact he learned the hard way by playfully attempting to "steal" a kitkat...bad move on his part. I blame mom too... i still remember hiding candy from you guys and myself when we actually got them on holidays. or when we would sneak Reesons..or how ever you spell the candy's name from her desk! poor kyra! poor my future kids b/c im going to do the same thing