Friday, January 31, 2014

Braces. And She Couldn't Be More Excited.

When a dentist tells a parent their kid might be a contender for braces, the parent usually sees dollar signs flash before their eyes.
Kids see sparkly awesomeness being stuck to their teeth while reclining in a chair watching Rio play on the TV screen on the ceiling. 
Parents see repeated visits to orthodontist offices two and a half hours away.
Kids see regularly scheduled visits with their friends, two and a half hours away.
Parents see fun contraptions shoved into their children's mouths to shut them up for thirty solid seconds.
Kids see free movie time without having to ask Mom's permission.
Parents see food restrictions, broken wires and impending doom.
Kids can't stop licking their teeth for the cool new feeling in their mouths.
Parents see this helping two impacted teeth straitening themselves out, hoping to prevent further trouble down the road.
Kids see a mouth so full of awesome they can't wait to bounce up and down with glee, while screaming at unsuspecting friends and family, "LOOK!  I HAVE BRACES!  I JUST GOT BRACES!  DO YOU LIKE MY BRACES?  I LOVE MY BRACES!"
Happy, healthy kids.  Its all we're really after.  I guess teeth have a little something to do with that from time to time.  If they make her happy and help her mouth stay healthy, well...

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  1. at least she's excited about them and doesn't hate them, right? LOL