Monday, October 14, 2013

Another Example of Excellent Parenting


Yesterday I finally determined that it was probably her 4 molars causing all the woeful trouble with Ruby.  After all, 4 erupting molars would explain the extra special scream sessions she's bestowed upon us all day and throughout the night, with regular intervals.  Four erupting molars should also explain the extra fun, open sore rash she's sporting on her hind quarters even though she's not eaten anything new and her poop looks entirely normal.  Four erupting molars would also explain why all thought Mass, yesterday, I noticed the way she was cramming her thumb to the very back regions of her pie hole and chomping on it. 

"IT'S HER TEETH!" I ecstatically told Jeremy, as if I were solving a prize winning puzzle. 

Enter barrette, stage left.

I found a barrette in Ruby's poop today.  I was completely unaware we were even missing a barrette. 

This new find leads me to question how much of Ruby's extra efforts exerted in the cranky and crying department has to do with having eaten a barrette. 



  1. how big of a barrette? is it possible that said barrette fell/got shoved into her diaper and then she pooped on it? goodness! hope her teeth/gums are feeling better soon!

    1. It was one of the baby barrettes, about an inch in length. And there's no question it fell in her diaper... it was fully involved in a solid poop. (All EWWW! style)