Monday, August 05, 2013

This Week.... At Soccer Camp...

This week is Soccer Camp. Neither of the girls play soccer.  Both would love to but, for whatever reason (I know neither when soccer seasons begins nor who and where to sign them up) they have never been a part of a league. 

I confess, I am totally the one dropping the ball, here, and I'm okay with that. 

Last year, I signed them up through the Park and Rec for a week long camp as a means to keep them busy so my severely pregnant self wouldn't have to be the one proving the fun and entertainment for that week.  As an added bonus: Guaranteed Naps!  Myself, included!  It worked out swell. 

So....  I signed them up again this year.  Last year, Jeremy and I hit up the local GoodWill to find their cleats.  This year, we did the same since they'd both grown without my specifically requested, written permission.  Lydia grew TWO SIZES this past year, while Kyra had grown one.  I thank the sweet, good Lord above for providing GoodWill for bum parents like me who only sign their kids up for soccer one week a year.  I'm all about not investing in the expensive when I don't have to. 

Lydia is, by far, a much better participant than last year.  Last year she sat on the ground throwing tantrums when she didn't move the ball they way the coaches did or when she couldn't figure out you could stop the ball with one foot without simultaneously standing on the ball with that same foot only to have the ball roll under her weight and she hit the ground.  (every time!)  The difference a year makes...

Her coach is a girl, this year, and bless her sweet, patient heart, Lydia won't stop talking to her for a moment during each and every break.  She's told her all about our two dogs, our trip to the Smokey Mountains this spring, seeing Santa during that trip and how she has "a baby sister named Ruby and Ruby has SIX! TEETH! and if you put your finger in her mouth SHE! WILL! BITE! YOU!  Mmmm Hmmm...."

Kyra's group was too far away to get any decent shot of her, so you'll just have to trust me that she's the figure smack in the middle of the picture.  That girl makes up for what she lacks in skill with pure determination.  She doesn't know she's not a natural talent, and I'm not going to be the one to tell her, but she runs, kicks, and tries her damnedest to do exactly what is asked of her.

The cherry on the top of the Kyra Shea sundae, she has a heart of gold.  After class was finished, today, and I did the typical, "How's your class?" questioning, the only thing she told me about was this girl in her class who didn't have a snack (her clinic is 3 hours long) and since Kyra still had two muffins she didn't finish eating for breakfast plus her apple I packed for snack, she shared her muffins with the girl.  THAT is why I love that kid.  She may be a royal snot at times with a budding attitude to boot, but when it comes to a kid who's parent didn't know about a snack break, Kyra never hesitates to hand her goods over.  And not just a  hand her goods over kind of handover, she gave the girl a chocolate pumpkin muffin and ate the apple. 

Who does that?  Kyra does.

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