Monday, April 01, 2013

Wall Climbing and Bug Finding

Kyra is steadily working on one of her new school books right now, Beyond the Code.  Its her new favorite school work to do right now because she can READ the stories.  This new found ability to read is just what she's been waiting for.  She's scaled that latest brick wall and is now reading all the simple books she can find.  Her inner book worm is itching to come out, you can see it in the smirk she has with each new book she finishes. 

I'm never really sure what to do with Kyra.  All my methods, everyone's welcomed advice, it has all had very little effect in teaching Kyra to read.  Her struggles are hers and she doesn't have the words, or possibly the knowledge, to explain to me what she needs.  I've learned to lay off, let her be.  She comes through on her own, in her own time.  It may not be as quick as most of her peers, but I guess that's why they say each child is different. 

When it comes to her peers, Kyra seems to smoke most of them in knowledge of science facts.  Just today she was outside first thing this morning, bug book and magnifying glass in hand, Lydia in tow, trying to find what critters Mother Nature has awakened with this latest warming trend.  They excitedly brought me winged things, proclaiming the lightning bugs are back.  They tracked down a centipede, then asked me to read the name under the matching picture in their bug book. 

Reading may not be her forte but nature definitely is.


  1. During our zoo visit this weekend, my sister was remembering (in awe) how Kyra could tell us the species of most of the animals last time we all went to the zoo together. :-)

    Glad to hear her inner bookworm is finding it's way to the surface!