Monday, April 02, 2012

House Rules and Hair Cuts

Before lunch today, proof of Kyra's scissor skills:


At lunch today, we were listening to the Chickadee's cheeseburger calls from outside the widow, which led me to ask,  "What if it's not a Chickadee, but a serial killer after Kyra Shea?  Think I should throw you outside so he doesn't come in and get me and Lydia, too?"

{Homeschool lesson of the day:  Survival of the Fittest!}

Kyra proclaimed, broad smile on her face, "No, I'd throw you outside so we can make new rules!"

New House Rules if a serial killer gets Mommy.

1) We get to drive the Gator all day long.

2) If you hear a gun, immediately come inside.

3) If you see a bug in the house, you must catch it in toy kitchen stuff to release outside.

4) Wash your hands.

5) If you get 100 marbles (our reward system), you can cash them in and play outside all the time you want.

6)  If you get sap on you, please take a bath.

7) Kyra gets to cook in her Easy Bake Oven.

Well, good to see she's still including gun safety and personal hygiene in the rule system.

After lunch today, our AMAZINGLY TALENTED friend's scissor skills:

Kyra went into this hair cut saying she didn't want bangs and only wanted millimeters cut from the bottom of her locks.  By then end of it, I think she may have the shortest bangs in the world and 4" cut from the bottom of her locks.

God Bless Kyra for being so easy going, she never batted an eye.  Pronounced she looked different, with another one of her broad smiles, and hopped away to play for a bit.

From the back it looks SO. MUCH. BETTER. all cleaned up and strait, again.  From the front, our friend said it best, it looks like she cut her hair and this is what we get.


  1. well, at least she accepted her fate with a smile ... and it could've been worse. it'll grow back eventually :-)

    1. That's what I told her, too. Even as she brushed her teeth, I heard her say again, "Hmm. I look different." I think she still surprises herself. It's really cute to hear her say that! :)