Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Half Birthdays, A New Tradition

It seems like I've managed to pull myself from the brink just in time to celebrate Kyra's half birthday.

It's a celebration we haven't partaken in before but as I heard how a friend of ours makes that day a special one for each of her three daughters, I couldn't help but want to incorporate it with my own girls.  Today, it has been her choices, from beginning to end. 

She wanted to attend art class, something I pulled her from a few months ago due to poor behavior at home.  And while no one complained that she was atrocious {I drop her off and run Lydia to another engagement}, I walked in to see her running rampant.  Granted, she wasn't the only one.  But good golly, the child should know how to act by now, library basement or not.

We review her library manners, or lack there of, and I let her know should I catch that happening again, she will not be returning to art class.  Ever.  And then we move on.  

Lunch was at her favorite tea shop, where Kyra's most favorite waitress was there to sit and chat with us for a while.  {I love this lady, too, because she makes everything, down to the lemonade, Lydia safe.  I have no fear of cross contamination or mistaken orders with this woman.  People like that should be Sainted.}  Crepes for Kyra, salad for Lydia, sandwich for myself.

Arriving home Kyra asks to play video games on the computer.  Which translates to, can she hang out on PBSKIDS.ORG and learn?  Um, yes, yes you can.

Later, after Lydia's nap, she wants to watch Tangled, have hot dogs and french fries for supper {a repeat of last night's} and pudding for dessert.

The only thing she doesn't get to do is play outside today thanks to wet, muddy conditions and my lack of tolerance for small children ruining clothes {if it happens, it happens, if I can prevent it, I will}. Which, this really kinda makes me sad, as we had a GLORIOUS day yesterday and the girls spent, literally, every waking moment digging in the dirt, kamikazing down the driveway on wheeled things, and trekking through the woods tracking bunny scat.

{True story, my kids track poop.  So they know where to "build a nest for the bunny".  I kid you not.  It obviously manifests from Jeremy's side of the gene pool because when I was young, I was too busy rearranging my room for the billionth time or harping on my sister to quit stripping my barbies and leaving them naked to hunt down random piles of critter shit.}

All in all.  Its a fun tradition to start.  Kyra's basking in the glory of telling everyone she's encountered this morning that TODAY is her half birthday and she's "6 and a 1/2!"  

Tomorrow it'll be business as usual, school work and all.  At least she gets a nice break, today.

Happy Half Birthday,  Little Miss.  I hope your day was half as special as you are.