Monday, October 24, 2011

Monday, Monday

I can think of better ways to spend our Monday then to be hold up in a hotel room while insisting to Lydia that No, you are not hungry because that is the 4th bowl of jello you've had this morning and ITS ONLY 10 O'CLOCK!

I have no doubt the child is probably starving to death already.  By this time, most mornings, she's already consumed one banana, one bowl of cereal and a piece of toast and jelly while still begging for more to eat.

As it is, by the time noon comes around, the jello will disappear in favor of a spiced cider I slow brewed yesterday.  Though, I am going to lace it with 238 grams of Mirilax.  And when she finishes a half gallon of that its....


Oh the joyous time we shall have, today.

I bet tomorrow will be even better when we wake her up before the ass crack of dawn, refuse her anything by mouth and then haul her down to the hospital for a 2 hour wait before her procedure.

You'd think, being a children's hospital and all, they'd have a better schedule devised then requiring us to show up at 6:45 for a 9am procedure with a starved 2 year old.  But then again, I bet they're completely used to it.  It'll probably be me who is driven insane.

As it is....

I can still think of better ways to spend a Monday then to be hold up in a hotel room-- like having a pap smear.  Yes, I'd rather lie back and stare at a blank ceiling while someone makes me feel as awkward as possible.  At least it's quick.

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