Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Light Bulb Moment

I was going to take a break from moaning and complaining about the state of our littlest, but something happened last night that gave me a mental break through and has seemed to calm my soul a bit....

Last night Lydia vomited all over my bed.  [3AM awesomeness, right there...]

On the drive home from our field trip today, I started thinking, last night was INCREDIBLY reminiscent of something I wrote back in March of 2010
"...3AM, the crying started.  Then the coughing.  Followed by the vomiting."
And suddenly this last weeks turn of events has made complete and total sense.  The swollen belly, the come and go rashes, the vomiting, the knees to chest colicky cries and Dr Jekyll/Mr Hyde behavior... it's all the same in a more verbally complaining form. 

GI Doc said last Thursday she thought Lydia might be outgrowing her prescription for Zantac and how we might need to find her a stronger medicine. And I'd be willing to bet top dollar she's right. 

Which would probably be why she gets paid the big bucks and I get a medically bizarre child.

The shit that's been going down.... its EXACTLY like it was BEFORE +the Blessed Zantac Gods+ came along.  The difference is she's verbalizing it in word form, now, where as before it was incessant screaming and tantrum throwing and Jer and I would have no clue what the fuck was wrong.

The addition of phrases like "belly/neck/eyes/nose hurt" have added a whole new spin on things.  Almost like it was easier to deal when she wasn't CONFIRMING that yes, Stupid Parent, there is, in fact, something NOT RIGHT WITH THIS PICTURE. 

Once this dawned on me, it was like my brain stopped blaming itself for being a complete suck of a parent.  If this theory is correct, then it's out of my control.  All I can do is make her comfortable until her scopes and medication change happens.

At least now I know one thing for sure, her fruit intake is being cut back down to 2 servings a day and no later then 4 hours before bed time.

Hopefully, that will squelch the early morning vomit sessions.  

Only time will tell...

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  1. oh, my heart hurts for all little Lydia has had to go through (and for her mama, too)! love you guys much!