Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Purgatory Dues Paid? -- Check

D'ya know those parts in life, the ones where you're positive there is a Heaven and a Hell, and you're certain at that very moment that you're somewhere in between?

We, Catholics, call that Purgatory.  And I'm pretty sure that is where I've hovered for the last 9 weeks.

The good news is, The Kid goes back to school tomorrow.

[cue angels singing] HALLELUJAH!

The even better news is, I'm pretty sure I've served my time in Purgatory and I'm now going to get to Heaven.

Or, maybe I just spent my Labor Day weekend in Heaven.


This last weekend, Jer and I left the girls with our neighbors and headed off to New York City for three days and two nights and IT. WAS. BLISSFUL.  

Friday we arrived, checked into The Alex Hotel (which is currently running a 50% off military discount!!!)  where I drooled over the limestone bathroom with a tub so deep one could easily drown while Jer drooled over the television in the bathroom.

Boys are so stupid with their silly electronics obsessions.

Friday night, we went to see the play How to Succeed in Business Without Really Trying, and can I just say, we totally booked these tickets because of Dan Radcliffe and John Larroquette.  It. Was. Fucking. Phenomenal!  My cheeks were quivering by the end of the show because I couldn't stop smiling and laughing through the whole thing.

So funny.  So very, very funny!

Saturday we saw a 2 o'clock showing of Anything Goes.  Which with all their acting, singing and holy shit amazing tap dancing-- we left there being both blown away and feeling wholly inadequately talented.

Saturday at 8 o'clock we stopped in to see Memphis.  Another fantastic performance.  Just. Amazing.

The thing was, How to Succeed was so amazingly funny and left us on such a high note Friday, we wanted to leave Sunday on the same high note.... So we bought tickets to see it a second time. 

Which... was even funnier then the first.

I'm pretty well certain, it is John Laroquette's job to try and make Daniel completely crack up on stage, which he somehow manages not to do (more then a tongue in cheek grin and a wipe of the mouth or scratch of the face recovery).  This only leads the rest of the audience to die with laughter and roar with applause.

And I can't forget to mention the Nephew character who is a giant scene stealer.  Spot. on. timing.


In essence, I guess what I'm trying to say is that my idea of Heaven is, apparently, a child free weekend, with my beloved husband, piddling around and watching Broadway Musicals. 

The only thing better might have been if my babies had been in the city with us.

And also in the care of sitters while we saw the plays.  

It was nice to get away but I had missed them so sorely that when we arrived home at 10:30 Sunday night I ran next door and insisted we carry them home to sleep in their own beds.

You know, just so it would be me they woke up bright and early Monday morning. 

Yes.  This weekend, I was in Heaven.


  1. so glad to hear you had a wonderful weekend ... and happy to hear your hard days with "the kid" are over. (and, gosh, i sure hope my kid wasn't that bad when you kept her for me 5 years ago!)

  2. Thank you! There is a BIG difference in sitting a 15 month old toddler and a 5 year old child. Besides, Jer said the parent got a phone call from the school today. A. PHONE. CALL. On the FIRST. DAY. OF SCHOOL. I couldn't help but think, "Ha! It's not just me, then!"