Saturday, May 28, 2011


Last night was a rough night.  Storms rolled through bringing bright flashes of light, LOUD claps of thunder and two frightened children to our bed.  The girls slept soundly after climbing in my bed, I did not. 

Alarm was set (ON A SATURDAY, NO LESS!) for a 7AM wake up call.  A Memorial Day parade to attend, Kyra was walking for the first time with her 4-H group.  I'm pretty sure she'd now like to spend the rest of her life walking in a parade with a cheerfully clapping crowd to witness.

A stop at the farmer's market brought us home our usual bounty of milk, cheese and meat and an extra bag full of various types of heirloom tomato plants.  No veggies or eggs today, I've sorely been off game since arriving home from our trip and have yet to create a menu.  The first week home I was sick, so Jer served the girls.... something... I couldn't tell you what.  Last week I threw together random meals that held no rhyme or reason.  This week, looking to be much of the same.

We came home for a quick pause to put Lydia down for a nap and then threw ourselves head long into planting the flowers and some of our vegetables into our gardens.  Tomatoes, sweet peppers and yellow and zucchini squashes are all in.  Green beans, wax beans, sugar snap peas, cucumbers and carrots all await their turns. 

Back out the door for supper and more shopping.  I came home with more remnant fabrics, 4 patterns (this will be a miracle in itself, I have never used a pattern) and a storage bin to start organizing my various sewing fabrics. 

Writing it all down, it doesn't seem like a whole lot.  But I promise you, we have been going non stop since this morning.  Add on a poor nights sleep last night, and I am plum exhausted.

Tomorrow our only plans are Church, finishing the vegetable garden and a crockpot supper.  Somehow that sounds much more relaxing then today.


  1. Sometimes, we pack our weekends with so much, it is exhausting. I am really trying to say "no" more and just hang out.

  2. Isn't that what weekends are for? Over exerting yourself in the name of accomplishing? Haha! Sunday was a nice break. Just as low key and stress free as we had planned for. That was nice.