Sunday, March 27, 2011

A Daily Funny

Kyra has taught Lydia the fine art of stomping bugs to death, or, if unable to stomp, calling Daddy to kill said bug for her. 

So, Lydia found a spider on the wall this morning.  With all the urgency her little voice could muster, she earnestly requested Jeremy to come get the spider.  Jeremy, being the wonderful daddy that he is, saved his sweet daughter's life by smushing the harmless arachnid with a piece of toilet paper and then flushing it down the potty.

For the rest of the day, Lydia has been absolutely terrified to use that one specific potty, which is the only one in the house set up to accommodate Lydia with a step stool.

We've tried everything to explain to her that the spider is gone.  Gone gone gone. From showing her there is nothing in the potty, to flushing the water down a few extra times and even arming her with a flashlight so she can check the nooks and crannies, herself. 

The only thing that seems to work is for either Jer or myself to stand there with Lydia, speaking sweet nothings to console her, as she precariously positions herself to view the inside of the potty from between her legs.  I guess she wants to make good and sure that spider isn't coming back to bite her in the ass.


I had forgotten all about this when I woke her up to take her potty before I lay down for the night.  Lydia was not too happy to be using that potty.  She wanted "Mommy potty!"  As in the master bedroom's bathroom.

Even half asleep, she still worries that spider is hanging out, biding it's time.  Poor Lydie Kate.

Jeremy's just gonna have to find another way disposing smushed critters from now on.


  1. ni-ice! i literally laughed out loud so hard that i had to read your post to Sean. too funny!

  2. Glad Lydia's misfortunes adds to the rest of our daily humor level!