Thursday, February 03, 2011

Where Southern (and slightly redneck) Thinking Invades the Arctic Tundra

This is definitely a first in my house.  Neither one of my children have ever taken a bath IN the sink.

Lydia thought it was great because there were crumbs still on the counter from the fresh baked banana bread we had after supper, for dessert, and she could still eat while being washed. 
This all happened because Lydia went in to the doctor Monday with what I was sure was some weird third world disease on her butt.  It looked exactly like we sat her down in an ant bed and let them eat her heiny alive.
Turns out it wasn't a third world disease, it was Folliculitis.  Otherwise known as Staph Bacteria, invading her derriere.

I should say, though, I only advise you to click on the link if you enjoy being grossed out.  Did you click? Of course you did.  Now, imagine all that... on Lydia ass.  Awesome, huh?
Well, they sent her home with an antibiotic and instructions to wipe down the toilet seat every time she uses the potty, bathe by herself every night in baking soda and to clean the tub when she gets out. 
She'd already had a bath earlier in the day because she soaked the bed, her clothes and her hair during her nap. (she doesn't often need a pull-up anymore) (yea for potty training!)

Knowing we were going to have spaghetti and meatballs for supper, and that ALWAYS requires a bath to follow, we let her eat naked.
And then washed her in the much smaller and easier to clean, and sterilize, sink.

Hey, we thought it was a great idea.


  1. sounds like a good idea to me ... so long as you sterilize that sucker good because getting all that on your dishes and then in your mouth? that would be awful!!

  2. Scalding hot water, then some all purpose cleaner, then bleach... and if something was still alive, I killed it with a giant dousing of Lysol. Even waited for the kids to go to bed before I swiped around a few more times with scalding water AND THEN finally cleaned the dishes. I'm hoping we killed EVERY POSSIBLE LIVING THING in that sink!

  3. This is definitely the season for bad bacteria, and vicious viruses. I am cleaning my house top to bottom this weekend, now that I am back in theand of the living!

  4. Welcome back the land of the living! I've been cleaning and sterilizing and cleaning again like there's no tomorrow. I think I may be ahead in my Spring Cleaning, this year!