Monday, January 10, 2011

Update: Kyra's Cool Party Trick

Good news all around!

Kyra had her orthopedic appointment today.  Doc says she is freakishly flexible and freakishly skinny and that combination is what makes the "wing" affect with Kyra's shoulder blades.  When she goes even a little bit past the point of squaring off her shoulders, it makes her shoulder blade stick out farther then what is considered normal.

As for the popping of the socket, its some kind of weird anomaly that, while not common, is okay to live with as long as (1) it doesn't become irritated, sore or otherwise put her in any kind of pain and (2) she quits doing it on such a regular basis which will thus, eventually, cause irritation, soreness and pain. 

Also, her cool party trick has nothing to do with her back aches.

Kyra has decided this makes her a Super Hero! and that it is part of her super powers.  Upon asking her what she's going to do as a Super Hero!, she states that she's going to "Knock on doors and ask people if they have food and if they don't have any food she's going to give them some."

I don't know about you, but I think the world could use a few more of those weird shoulder anomaly, hunger fighting Super Heroes!

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