Sunday, January 30, 2011

Got Luck?

Today was IT. 

Today was THE DAY. 


I tried to put on a pair of pants jeans today.  Jeans I've been wearing for FOREVER.  And they didn't fit.  Because I am a fat ass.

I've been hounding Jeremy that he needs to loose weight and get on board the Take Better Care of Yourself train, but he learned a long time ago how to ignore me. 

But, like I said, today was IT.  No longer do I want to be have an ever growing fat ass, nor do I want to have my husband fall into the same pit of unhealthy hell his parents are in. 

Today I bought a scale and a set of 3 and 5 pound weights to go along with our new 30 Day Shred DVD and told Jeremy that for the next two months, our asses were going to be in the hands of Jillian Michaels.

We set some guidelines:
  1. Every Sunday we would mark our weight on the calendar to keep track of our progress. This is new to me.  I've never kept track of my weight.
  2. No eating food prepared outside of our home, except our Sunday lunch at our local tea house that we bribe the girls with to be good in church. This is going to be a much harder task for Jeremy then it will be for me.  His office often sends someone out to "pick up lunch" from fast food eateries.
  3. We'll take turns each night doing the 30 Day Shred workout.  The one not doing the work out will take post upstairs taking Lydia to the potty eighty bajillion times when she's supposed to be going to sleep.  This is usually my job while Jeremy piddles around on his computer down stairs. I kinda welcome the break even though Jillian is going to be busting my ass into shape.
  4. Each morning we'll wake up early.  He'll walk on our dust collecting treadmill for a half an hour and then shower, then it's my turn.  He heads to work, I get ready for my morning.  Normal routines are drag our asses out of bed at the slowest, sleepiest rate possible to either go to work (him) or tend to children (me).
  5. After 8 weeks, we celebrate!  We don't have this one fully worked out yet, but oh will there be celebrations!
 Hopefully, in 8 weeks I'll be fitting back into my normal, everyday pants once again and Jeremy won't look quite so pregnant anymore.   Pregnant looking men just don't have that same glow as pregnant women.... and women wearing unbuttoned pants in public are generally frowned upon. 


Wish us luck.  We'll need it.  I'll need it.


  1. good luck ... that Jillian is kind of a bitch! lol

  2. Oh, a BITCH she is! Thanks for the luck. I'm now without a doubt I'll need every last drop of luck to make it through this.

  3. Good Luck and hopefully the same will rub off on me. Today was the day for me too! I can't believe I let myself put on more weight. Ugh. HOpefully in 8 weeks we both will be wearing our favorite jeans again.!