Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fancy, Schmancy

Look.  I'm not a food person by any means.  I grew up poor.  We ate whatever it was my mother threw on the table without much fuss or otherwise we'd have the option to go hungry.  Simple as that.

It should, then, come to no surprise to anyone that one of my very favorite gifts to receive for any occasion would be food related. 
So when my friend Jillian passed along some of her fancy blueberry-basil jam like stuff to me for Christmas, I was thrilled.

I must say, though, I've never once thought to put basil in with any of my blueberry concoctions.  I was very happy to see that on her fancy, schmancy label she had printed, she made sure to inform the morons like me that this Blueberry-Basil Delight is best served with cheese or on toast.

I tell ya, give me a set of directions and I'm an A+ when it comes to following them!
I did like any ignorant, non foodie kind of person would do and tromped on down to my local farmer's market this weekend and stood over top the cheese case looking utterly confused until the lovely lady manning the table took pity on me.  I told her my dilemma, she gave her suggestion and off I went.

Tonight, I took my fancy cheese and my fancy spread and put them on some fancy all natural wheat crackers and HOLY SHIT was I in fancy love.   It was absolutely delish, I tell ya.  So delish, in fact, that I cramed a cracker down Jeremy's throat and told him to enjoy it while it lasted because I'M NOT SHARING, ANYMORE!

The only problem was, it was all way  too fancy looking for my taste.  I felt like I should break out the bottle of blueberry wine I have opened in the fridge and pour myself a spash except it's been open (corked, but open) since Kyra's birthday in September and I'm too scared to drink it now because I usually toss things after a week but I'm not sure if that means wine should follow the same logic or if I'm way out of my element trying to be all suave when really I'm a big poser (**pant, pant, sigh**) .

So after devouring half the batch I made, I topped rest of the things with another cracker. 

Voila.  It tastes mighty fancy and delish, but it's no longer intimidating.  Makes me feel like I'm back to my measly up bringing of buttered saltine crackers sprinkled with sugar.... except a little more grown up.


  1. My dad makes a Blueberry Lime jam/jelly thing that makes me think of this! I could eat the WHOLE jar in one sitting. Next time he makes his, I will send you a jar. Enjoy being fancy!