Thursday, January 20, 2011

Diary of A 2 Year Old Snow Bunny

First things first, gotta look the part.
All suited up.  Strike a pose. Vogue vogue vogue...
Got my bucket and sifter.  Now, to make a snow castle for the driveway.
Well, shit, I fell down.
Can you believe that, Mom? 
Aww, MAN! 
Look, it's sticking to me!  What a mess!
Come on, Horsie, you can be my snow plow.
We'll just push the snow out of the way like that truck does....
Hey, Kyra!  What'cha doing in the deep snow?
Oh, yes, yes.  Very interesting.  Well, you see, if you come over here...
Oh no!  I broke through the ice layer, I'm sinking!  Hellllp!
Fuck this snow.  I'm getting rid of it. All of it. 
Clearly this shit's useless.
Hey, come on.  Get off there, now.
This is going to take all day.
I swear, Mom, put down that camera.  You're so useless.