Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Perfectly Sweet

And so it begins, again.

The wondering why in the world I let Jeremy talk me into moving her to the toddler bed.

The falling out of said toddler bed two and three times a night.

The "Mommy is here to rescue you while Daddy lays in bed.  Snoring."
I guess, then, that's it really isn't much of a change from having her sleeping in the crib and getting her legs stuck in the slats.

The one difference is the way in which she sleeps, the new reason why she wakes up.
The other difference would be the new sweet, sweet, pictures I get to take of her tiny little feet tip toeing the floor.

And her precious little hand, barely poking through a new set of slats. 
And while savoring all that sweetness in picture format, she stirs as yet another flash goes off.  And there she is.

My baby.  Who, at 23 months and 22 days, continues to wake me up through out the night.  This time, though, she's fallen out of bed. Again.
At least now I know they grow out of that stage.

The sweetness, though.  That incredible sweetness remains. 
I wonder if they'll both still look this perfect when the teenage years hit and their lives suck and Mom and Dad are  just so uncool. 

I'd be willing to bet they'll always be sweet and perfect.  Though, I might still have to sneak in their rooms and snap a few more photos to prove just what perfectly sweet teenagers they still are.


  1. Awww.... I miss you. And your trio of perfectly sweet children, too!