Sunday, December 12, 2010

Favorite Ornaments

 Some of my very favorite Christmas ornaments:

We each have a moose on the tree with our names on them.  My dear friend Joelle made them for her family and mine when were were both a family of 3.  I was hoping she would make a new one for Lydia but I was too afraid to ask.  Don't want to sound too pushy, ya know.  Low and behold, Joelle came through.  She always does.  And that's why she's so awesome.
 Last year another friend of mine, Lindsey, sent this to me as a Christmas card.  She made this.  WITH HER HANDS.  Slightly impressive, no?  And that's why, year 2, it is again decorating our tree.
 There's a lot to complain about life when living with a military spouse.  The long hours.  Unexpected work days.  Unforeseen good bye's for unspecified amounts of time.  It's not all bad.  After all, it supplied me with a chance opportunity to jump the pond and  see my husband in Scotland for 5 days a few years back.  Now, every year I pull out this Santa wearing a skirt and remember that this was the only man I saw wearing a skirt that trip.  Isn't that supposed to be what the Scottish are known for?
 The first time we lived in the Artic Tundra, I made friends with a girl named Jennifer.  She used to invite me every so often to her church and I'd accept.  At a particular luncheon I attended, somehow I received this angel as a present.  Can I tell you, this picture doesn't allow it's true, simple beauty to shine through.  Each year, this angel reminds me of you, Jennifer.  Thanks for including me.
There's a lot more than just these four.  The Bible Belt pine cones Heather sent to me years ago, when I complained to her that the Artic Tundra's pine cones  were so puny they didn't even compare.  And the styrofoam balls my mother made for the girl's last year.  She pinned sequins all over them and included each girl's name in the design to give them their own ornaments. 

I hope when I'm old and grey, my Christmas tree will symbolize one great big pot of fond memories.
'Tis the Season of Giving.  And remembering.


  1. LOVE! I should do a post like this-

  2. Aw, you hang my card on your tree? That's so sweet! :)