Monday, December 06, 2010

Back Off Ladies--- This Stud Muffin is ALL MINE

Jer's been on edge for days now.  DAYS.  The thick air that has followed him around the house has made it difficult for both girls and myself to so much as breathe without him snarling off nasty words or dirty looks and glares in our direction. 

I swear I've seen this before.  My mother was notorious for it when we were growing up.  I'm having flashbacks and frankly.... I'm not a fan. 

Maybe it's male PMS.  I swear they get it once a month just like we do.  And this month must be set to be a very NASTY week for Jer's wee delicate body. 

Back to my point.

Jer's been trying to pick in a fight with me for two days now.  And I just gave in.  Which, I know, stupid me.  I should have known better. 

During this fight he blamed me for all his sour mood.  I pointed out to him in an equally nice manner that he's been pissy with the girls the same way he's been pissy with me.  So, if it is ALL MY FAULT that he's been a peach to the children, then please, let me know so I can fix myself and let the children OFF THE HOOK.  He claims innocence. 

I didn't do it!  Its not my fault! He says.

We part ways. 

Cut to 10 minutes later, he wants to know what's wrong with me.  Holy.  Shit.  I married Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde.  But I'm beyond angry at this point, so I tell him in the nicest way I could (no, seriously, I was talking very calmly) that he's the one who wanted to pick a fight, and boy does he have one, now. 

It's at this point where I walk away.  And he starts to call me names and taunt me like we're school children on a playground. 

I have yet to say another word to him.  Nor he to me.  But, on the up side, he's behaving absolutely delightful to the girls again.  So, mission somewhat accomplished...? 

I can't help but wonder, is my husband the only one who acts like a 12 year old having a school yard fight complete with taunting and name calling-- or do I have a real winner on my hands?  I'd just like know so I can anticipate how many women out there are going to start knocking down my door th steel my man from me.  Most weeks I might object.  Though, this week it wouldn't be hard to take him. 

If I knew he'd sit still long enough, I'd put him out in the front yard with a FREE sign.


  1. We don't name call(at least not to each others face) but we surely do the rest! Ahhh! Marriage!

  2. Jody used to get really moody, especially during this time of the year. I don't know if it was the weather, or if he just hated Christmas, but thankfully he seems to be over it.

    One thing I've had to really work on is not mimicking his behavior. If he was an ass to me, I used to be an ass right back to him, but that never got us anywhere.

  3. Lisa- Jeremy's not very mature when we fight. He never has been. It's one of the main reasons I try not to argue with him, it can never be an "adult" conversation.

    Lindsey- I'm not the best at not returning the attitude, but sensing how particularly nasty he was being, I was attempting to just overall avoid him while sheltering the girls a little more. Didn't work.

    Though, the good news is today he broke out of his funk. Maybe I should have told him sooner he was being a total asshat.