Monday, November 29, 2010

Movin' On Up to Dressing Down

Kyra's being moved up in her swimming lessons to the next level.  She is thisclose to being able to swim without the aid of any floatation devices.  She can do it for quick 20 yard laps, maybe even further if pushed harder.

Her swim teacher says the jump to the next level will give her that extra kick in the ass she needs to get going.  Which makes total sense.

The thing is, the next level swim class is on another day... same time, just another day.  Like, the same time and day as her art class.  Convenient, huh? 

I didn't think so, either.

Except that, I wouldn't mind if she ended up missing art class.  Lets face it, Kyra is no Picasso.  Or, wait, she kinda sorta is if you like that weird, misshapen face kind of thing.  

But I like that art teacher and she's actually a pretty good friend of mine and Kyra absolutely adores having play dates with her two boys and art class is just an excuse to plan another playdate.  So I kinda, sorta don't want to hurt her feelings (or miss out on anymore playdates)  by saying things like, I know art is great for kids and all, but, uh, Kyra's gonna learn how to swim whether she likes it or not (good thing she does!) and if that means not bringing home another abstract piece of art that is supposed to resemble a Mardi Gras mask, then, well.... sacrifices.

So, anyway.  Kyra's swim and piano classes, which are all but right next door to each other so I schedule them back to back, are now being moved from one day to the next.  All times remain the same.  Which is really nice, because now that free's up another day of the week for me to do nothing and go nowhere.


I think I should celebrate by buying another set of pajamas to lounge around the house in.

What?  I can homeschool in pajamas...


  1. Way to go, Kyra! Besides, most 'good artist' were crazy people: Suicide and missing ears! She'll appreciate learning to swim!

  2. I just went through this too! Abby us up to Rays also and Heather is in eels at the same time, and wouldn't it be great, except for art class. I am choosing art class this time around and hopefully we can do swimming in the spring.
    You know how seriously I take my weekly schedule! I give it a lot of thought!

  3. Lisa- That's right! I don't spend all that money on cheap earrings just to have her go chopping off an ear to make a point! LoL

    Jillian- Who said homeschooling wasn't that hard? We have so much we can go out and do with the kids... we just have to pick and choose wisely (which can also be very stressful!). For us, swimming goes in front of everything else since it could save her life one day. (when growing up in the Sunshine State, this is DRILLED into your head) Luckily she's not terribly crushed about missing art, we'll just have to make plans for play dates outside of class, I guess. LoL