Monday, September 13, 2010


You could not have had more of a cowgirl birthday if you had planned out every last detail, yourself. 
A roping steer, leather chaps, gloves and boots.  A new western shirt, lasso rope, Cowgirl Kate and Cowboy Mickey books.  Even McDonald's kicked in and surprised you with a My Little Pony as your Happy Meal toy to go with the new Breyer Horse and Rider gift you received. 
I think the only present you opened today that wasn't strait western was a pair of gold, heart shaped earrings with a pink stone in the middle.  But lets face it, even a cowgirl needs to accessorize. 
Today you told me your favorite kind of exercise is riding horses.
Little girl...  I think you've found your niche in life. 
Happy 5th birthday, my Cowgirl Kyra.  May your trail always lead you to a saddled horse, waiting to take you on another adventure.


  1. love it! though she's growing up too fast! Happy Birthday to the little cowgirl! Congrats on surviving one more year of motherhood!

  2. That's the cutest cowgirl I've ever seen. Happy Birthday Kyra!

  3. Happy Birthday to the sweetest cowgirl ever!

  4. Isn't she just so damned adorable? *I* could never pull off that look no matter how hard I try!