Tuesday, June 08, 2010

Things That REALLY Mess With My OCD Tendencies

The one pant leg in the boot, one pant leg out of the boot- drove me absolutely BATTY today.
Every time I spotted it, I took deep breaths while counting to 10 a few times. Even a year ago I would have fixed it before she ever stepped out of the door.  Today?  I resisted.  Seriously- children's sense of style really screw with my nerves.

Oh, and by the way, those boots-- she wears them EVERYWHERE and with EVERY OUTFIT.  Pants?  Cowgirl boots.  Skirt?  Cowgirl boots.  Dress?  Cowgirl boots.  Playing outside?  Cowgirl boots.  Horse riding?  Cowgirl boots.  CHURCH??? Mmm hmmm.... BOOTS! 

I'm beginning to wonder if her obsessive love affair with those damned boots are stronger then my obsessive compulsion to rip them off her feet so I won't have a pant leg in/pant leg out issue.


  1. Breathe, Alicia, breathe. Sooner or later, her legs will match. And cowboy boots can go with anything, unlike galoshes or farm boots or even riding boots. Cow"girl" boots are a fashion statement. Just be glad that she's alternating the rest of her wardrobe. :)

  2. i wanted to fix it, too! but i figured if you could resist then i could resist! lol