Saturday, March 06, 2010

Life Without Cable

We've lived without cable before.  Every time we move it takes 2-3 weeks before it gets set up.  And each time I stop and think... ahhh... this is nice.  The peace, the quiet, the family time it MAKES you have.  And then the super! great! wonderful! cable man appears and it's back to regularly scheduled programing.

This time we're not moving, but the cable is being turned off.  Mostly because Time Warner sucks great big monkey balls and can't fully explain why they are charging our credit card 30 more dollars then our bill says we owe.  Jer called twice the other day trying to figure out what's up and they basically told him that they have no reason why the bill in his hands says one thing because their computer says something COMPLETELY different and, as we all know, what the Big Man says is absolutely and unequivocally correct and the customer can  go suck an egg. 

I tell ya, this new day and age of entitlement just down right SUCKS.  What happened to the customer is always right?  ESPECIALLY WHEN THE PROOF IS IN THEIR HANDS!

So come Monday, we'll have no cable.  And I'm a little bit sad.  I'll really miss you Ghost Hunters

Jeremy turned in all our cable boxes and the super dee duper modem for our internet/phone.  He hooked up the everyday modem so we still have internet for now, installed a digital antenna on the roof and back to the old school, basic of the basic, television we'll go. 

We're using the Magic Jack for a phone system, though even that is going to be returned to WalMart.  Who likes to talk through static?   And come the 18th, we'll be back on line.  This time with DSL through the telephone company. 

Maybe in this switch we'll not only save money (an extra $100 every month!) but find a few more minutes to spend together instead of watching Kendra learn how to change a baby's diaper or Tori and Dean woe-is-me'ing all over Oxygen about what a terrible mother she has.  Because THAT, folks, is the kind of crap I watch after the children go to bed.  Clearly it doesn't take much to entertain me.

Life Without Cable.  We'll either come out a stronger family for the extra time spent with each other, or our weekends are going to be full of a lot less peace and quiet without Discovery Channel's MythBusters and Dirty Jobs marathons. And THAT is the crap we watch WITH the children.

Sigh.  This might be a rough few weeks.


  1. At least you'll have internet. I hear hulu is awesome, though I've not used it ... hang in there!

    (Is Time Warner your only option? We have DishNetwork and love it.)

  2. James and me are canceling our cable as well. We have started watching everything online since you can find pretty much anything online for FREE. Are cable bill is crazy high so in order for us to save some money we are watching things online. We pay for internet and our phone but it is only $45 a month instead of $160 a month for phone, internet and cable together. Not to mention, we have so many channels that we never watch so it really is a waste of money! We do use hulu and it's amazing! There are a few other ones out there that work wonders. Hang in there. The first few days/weeks are hard but then it's easy sailing from there on out!