Thursday, February 25, 2010

Tis the Season of Jelly Beans

- Jelly beans seem to be the death of me lately.  They are my new crack.

- Lydia is trying to take herself down to one nap a day.  3 months ago she was still taking 3 naps a day.  Today, just one.  I'm not sure what her rush is, but, honestly, I depend on her naps for my sanity.  Maybe this is why I needed all those jelly beans?

- The weather man promised us we'd have 12-18 inches of snow the other day.  He was dead on.
And we loved it. (yes, that is Jer LAUNCHING Kyra into the snow)
(they were both thrilled when she couldn't get out by herself)

- Then he promised us we'd have 4-8 more inches of snow.  It's rained.  All day.  I was so excited that maybe, just maybe, Lydia would no be able to stand above the snow.  Now, we have even less.  The weather man sucks for getting my hopes up.

- Kyra still remembers what U says.  And now she says the sound for both W and Y is Waa.  At least she knows it belongs to one of them.

- I haven't left my house since Monday thanks to all this snow we have (and haven't) had.  Cabin fever is starting to set in.  And I'm running low on jelly beans.  This could turn out badly.


  1. Ah, I wish I had snow so deep that I could toss a kid in it and they wouldn't be able to get up. No fair :(

  2. Alicia, Hope you get your jelly bean fix ... maybe Jeremy could pick some up on his way home? Tho I hope you can get out soon too since the crazies are likely to take over after a week of not leaving the house!

    Lindsey, you're welcome to come to my house ... we've had a 3-foot drift in our front yard since before Christmas!

  3. Lindsey- Look on the bright side, the Bible Belt ACTUALLY had a small, yet measurable, amount of snow this year! Maybe next year you can come to the Artic Tundra and throw my children around in the snow!

    Joelle- Sadly, Jer doesn't pass but 1 gas station on his way home. And that is only dependent on if he takes the main roads or the side streets. And usually he takes side streets and only sees houses.

    Luckily, it stopped snowing long enough for me to make a break to the store and stock up again. We're good for at LEAST another week! LoL!