Monday, January 18, 2010

You Have Options, People!

Another example of how we, as people, have options:

I was in the doctor's office today to complain about how my ear drum feels like it just might very well EXPLODE at any minute and was hoping the doc could, you know, stop that from happening. 

When I walked in there was one lady (mid to late 60s) sitting in the waiting area.   Shortly there after we were joined by two men who seemed to know each other from work and a mother carrying her sick child (2ish) who had his head laid in the crook of the mother's neck.  You could tell the little boy was sick even before he started coughing just by his pale cheek and the lack of energy that every toddler has mass quantities of in their reserve. 

Everyone was called back into the exam rooms except the origional lady and myself.  She stirred, I glanced over and said, "I guess it's back to the two of us, again." She smiled and commented back, "Oh, I'm just waiting for my daughter to get through." 

Seconds passed by before the lady spoke again, "Did you hear that boy?" 

I replied, "Poor thing!  Nothing worse then a sick baby."

And then we had this exchange,
She- "I can't believe she brought him in here coughing.  Most places make you wear a mask, now a days.  I wonder why this place doesn't."
Me- "Most children will only rip the mask off.  No sense in wasting money."
She- "I've got enough medical problems, I don't need to get sick."
Me- "Well, you could go sit in your car, too, since you don't have an appointment.  Why don't you exercise that option?"

And then we sat in silence until her daughter (in her 40s) came out and left.

I could not believe her!  If I didn't have any decency, I would have walked right over and SLAPPED the bitch for being a hateful idiot. 

While I was quick to point out her other option, I wonder if I should have used my option....

No, not the one where I slap her.  Though, that would have been awfully fun!

Maybe I should have just kept my mouth shut and have had a little bit more respect for my elders.  Maybe I should have ignored her comments completely.

Lets be honest, here, when do I EVER keep my mouth shut when I ought to?

Besides, the old lady had it coming.  You can't make a mean comment about a sick baby when I've got two at home who are probably going to catch my cold by next week and they'll be the one's coughing in the doctor's office.  And, no, I'm not going to make Lydia wear a mask.  I'd rather risk running through a lion's den carrying 5 pounds of freshly trimmed steak then to have to listen to my sick child screaming as she tries to claw a mask off her face. 

I'm just sayin'.... You have options, people!


  1. You have more guts than I do - I would have been thinking the same thing, but wouldn't have said it out loud.

    And maybe it's just me, but I would expect there to be sick people in a doctor's office. I believe that's why such places exist. And I doubt she put a mask on her daughter 40 years ago when she was sick.

  2. THANK YOU! I'm glad I'm not the only one who noticed that a doc's office is for sick people and the whole mask thing.... is fairly new. Some people, geesh!

  3. You go girl. I would have been right there with you. To complain about a sick baby. That lady has problems...or needs to be reminded what it is like to have a sick baby.