Sunday, December 13, 2009

In Case You Cared...

I am wearing size 6 jeans at this very moment. I'll let that sink in for a moment...


Given that I have done virtual NOTHING in regards to exercise thanks to the Arctic Tundra's lovely weather (fucking cold, cold, rain rain rain, oh, look, it's summer!, well, that was a fun 2 weeks!, rain rain rain, cold, fucking cold), I am quite surprised and pleased with myself.

Well, really, I guess I should be pleased with Lydia.  I hold any inches lost off of my waits, thighs and ass due to the fact that I now have to RUN after Lydia to swipe out whatever contraband she has successfully stuffed into her pie hole.

Seriously, though, Kyra didn't start to run until after she was 2.  She was content to walk, and occasionally walk quickly, but running has never been Kyra's thing.  Lydia, on the other hand, isn't even ONE and she's RUNNING.  And CLIMBING!  Oh, holy hell, I haven't even told you all about her climbing.... something else Kyra has never been too interested with.

Whatever the case, I'm in a size 6 jean today.  Just in time for me to start packing on my Winter 10.

As in the 10 pounds I gain every winter while I hide from the cold.

Maybe this year will be different... Maybe this winter Lydia will KEEP me running after her so I don't have a Winter 10 to try and work off next spring.

Or should I say summer, after all, if EVERY spring is like the one we had this year... I'm not sure that counts as spring.  It was more like WINTER because it was STILL SNOWING!

Hmmm... Now I'm rambling.  Probably because I'm now having panic attacks because Kyra was supposed to decorate sugar cookies with one of her friends this afternoon and it is SNOWING!!!!

Now, I can't very well drive down the side of the mountain we live on, with two kids in the car, to decorate sugar cookies.  For (1), the girls are sick- as in they both can sneeze and hit you from across the room with a glob of snot.  Yes, the parents of the other child know my girls are sick.  They're words were, well, if our child isn't going to get sick from your girls, then she's going to get sick from someone at school.  Better to be from someone we know.  For (2), I still don't know how to drive in the snow.  Though, that is on my "To Do" list this year, to ATTEMPT to drive on a road with a light dusting of snow and then work my way up.  However, we've gone from 3 inches of snow last Saturday, to 15 inches on Wednesday, to God only knows how many inches today.  Somehow I don't think the transition I'm looking for is going to happen as I would like...  And for (3), what did the girls ever do? Having to be forced into their car seats only to go sliding down the road with an inexperienced driver and hope we can make the 30 curves between us and the bottom while trying to not hit any trees along the way, that's just WRONG.  My girls deserve better. Jeremy on the other hand.....


To sum up... My ASS is now in a size 6 jean and there is SNOW on the roadways. 

And now I'm going to drink a mug of hot chocolate while sitting on the space heater, staring out the window and silently freaking out about how I'm going to drive Kyra to all of her activities this week.  And then I'm going to eat a bowl of ice cream. 

Nothing says IT'S SNOWING! like hot chocolate and ice cream.


  1. ice cream on cold days is the best!
    and i think you guys should get a Wii for christmas..and make sure you get the Wii Fit plus, it is so much fun, and it can kick your ass in a work out if you let it. that was our Christmas gift to ourselves this year and we love it...oh, and get the new super mario bros while your at ton of fun!
    Oh, and congrats on the size 6!!!

  2. yay for you!! not that you weren't thin and beautiful before the 6 fit, but it's a big deal anyways! you want to send Lydia my way? i could stand to lose more than a few! lol ... hope the roads clear up and you're able to get out and about this week!

  3. G- we have a Wii but I refuse to spend oodles of money on an exercise program I know I will never use. Lets face it, when the girls go to bed I do one (or two) of three things, hop on the internet, turn on the television or open a book. No where in there is the option to exercise. If the answer on Jeopardy were "to increase one's heart rate through strenuous activity" my answer would not be "What is exercising?" My answer would be "What is prying objects from a child's mouth?"

    Joelle- I've got a better idea! Instead of me sending Lydia to you, you should come HERE! We could loose weight TOGETHER! Nothing like the buddy system to keep us in check!

    And thank you for calling me thin and beautiful! Those words are MUCH better then some of the other words people use to describe me sometimes! Hehe!

  4. i would LOVE to come there ... how about May? :-)

  5. May works for me! Though, feel free to come sooner if you get the urge!

  6. i have the urge, just not the funds!