Wednesday, December 02, 2009

Officially, Christmas

Yep.  That time of year again.  Bring on the Christmas pictures.

Thank you, Jesus, we didn't have the same problem we had last year.  This year the problems were all thanks to ME.

Like how the first dress I had for Lydia was actually Kyra's dress when she was 14 months old.  Lydia, at 11 months, was MUCH too small.  The skirt hung down to her ankles.  And I didn't know this until Saturday, when I decided that maybe I ought to, you know, TRY it on her.  We had to make an emergency trip to Babies R Us for a replacement.

Also my fault, scheduling the pictures for yesterday, then showing up to the mall without my wallet.  I am a genius.

But, all in all, I think they turned out rather well considering Lydia made every attempt to stand up and walk away.  Those opportunities being the instant I took my hands off of her so the nice photographer lady could actually, you know, do her job and snap a picture.  She was a patient photographer.

It is now, officially,Christmas.

(Note, that last picture is solely used to illustrate how Lydia was not cooperating and Kyra thought the photographer's reaction to Lydia's lack of cooperation was hysterical.  No, Mom, that was not the picture I ordered.  Have no fear, I have better taste then that.) (Usually.)


  1. very cute!!!! can't wait to get mine!!

  2. Hehehe! The joys of photographing "toddlers!" BTW, I REALLY like that last picture! They're both so CUTE!

  3. awww! i love them ... makes me miss you more!

  4. I see Lydia kept her mouth open, too. Very cute!