Sunday, November 01, 2009

Halloween, Among Other Things

Why hello!!

No, no, I didn't forget you all. I was just, uh, being a bit neglectful. Sorry.

You'll be happy to know business is back to usual! Kinda.

You'll have to know that my writing isn't quite going to be up to par today. It's hard to get back into the swing of things when you haven't made a decent post in so long. Besides, being that everything is usually Jeremy's fault, I can totally blame the lack of quality in this post on him. He's snoring next to me... which distracts the delicate balance in my brain. Well, that and the fact that the girls were NOT SO FUN today. I think my brain might very well be shot.

So! The Land of the CornHuskers... about that... we'll have to come back to that post at a better time. Right now, it's the obligatory Halloween recap post.

(And a few other odds and ends)

Friday we carved pumpkins:
Kyra requested an "angry" pumpkin, Jer designed his very own kitty cat:
Our cast of characters was one bumble bee:
Who we first pissed off by strapping her into a wagon and then insisted she must wear her hat to keep her ears warm in the 40 + degree and raining downpour. She tolerated her costume for 45 minutes. Max. She was not amused.
Dorthy, on the other hand, had a blast for, uh, an hour. She and her witchy friend visited 11 houses before they decided no amount of candy was worth this hassle.
Dorthy was cold, wet and miserable. Hot chocolate and the shelter of home was all they desired.
So, in essence, we spent Halloween doing less trick or treating and more visiting and having a good time with friends.

Not all bad. I'm sure my hips will thank me later when I don't have Kyra's candy stash to dive into.


Now, to get some things off my chest...

-The new Girls Next Door? Those girls, are DUMB. Like, they even give "dumb blonds" a bad name. These girls are the ones who were the models for the dumb blond jokes. Honestly? The show sucks. This girl here.... is NOT a fan.

-The new Sandra Bullock movie, The Blind Side, I absolutely want to go see. Who is willing to go come babysit my children so Jer and I can go watch a sweet and sappy movie? Anyone? I can not guarantee you that Lydia will not scream at you the entire time we're gone, but she's can be awfully pitiful when she squeezes out the crocodile tears.

-A movie I don't ever want to see again and I warn everyone I see NOT to go see? Where the Wild Things Are. Horrible, horrible movie. And absolutely NOT child appropriate. The previews splashed all over the TV does not do this movie justice.

The preview shows a relatively happy cast of characters playing and running a muck together. What you'll get is a boy acting out because his parents are divorced, his mother is dating again and his sister is acting like a teenager who doesn't want to hang out with her younger brother. He pouts, cries, bites his mother, runs away, runs a muck, pouts some more, comes home and is greeted with open arms by his mother who then rewards him with a hot supper and a piece of chocolate cake big enough to feed a 300lb man.

It he were my kid he'd get his ass handed to him and then we'd have an appointment made for some serious therapy sessions.

You'll need a prescription for antidepressants when you walk out of the theater. And you'll probably want to share some of your stash with the characters in the movie. It's plot is heavy, and not PG worthy. I'm not sure if PG-13 is even appropriate for this heavy, thought provoking and depressing storyline.

Just how do I go about asking Warner Brother's for my money back. Really, I want my money back on the grounds of false advertisement.

-Holy Daylight Savings Time, were my children not given the memo that Fall Back is no reason to act like abused and caged monkeys set free to roam Manhattan? They were so bad in church today that we contemplated leaving before we ever got through the second reading. By communion both girls were in tears. When we got to the car I questioned Jer whether or not Shock Therapy is allowed to treat horrid little children.

I'm hoping for a better day tomorrow.


  1. I never read "Where the Wild Things Are" - is the book that dark? If not, it's really weird that they would twist the movie like that. Surely they realize kids who like the book would want to see the movie too.

    Oh, and Lydia.... cutest. bumblebee. ever.

  2. The book is more pictures to let your imagination make up the (no to depressing) plot and less words. About the only thing the two have in common is the similar appearances of the characters and the line "I'll eat you up, I love you so."

    And on Lydia's behalf.... she doesn't care and how dare her parental units put her in such a stupid costume.

    Though, I thought it was awfully cute too!