Tuesday, August 18, 2009

The Pediatrician Sent From Heaven

I'm not sure if our pediatric office is really sitting just outside of Heaven's gates, or if I'm just a bit confused by all this nicety and caring and doing what they can to make you and your baby happy because their civilians and can loose their jobs if they aren't at the very least, slightly caring, where as I'm used to the military and they really could care two shits less because, uh, their military and they've signed a contract and the military doesn't fire you for being an asshole, you're usually promoted.


I took Lydia in to see the pediatrician yesterday and was amazed that the kind doctor lady took down our information, read the box labels for the offending foods that I brought in as evidence that I'M NOT CRAZY AND IT DOES SAY NO WHEAT, NO DAIRY, NO SOY. She then commented back that, um, she has never heard of being allergic to vitamins so that's not her main concern but here, while, yes, Lydia is still too young to get an accurate allergy test (since babies grow and change by the HOUR) we are now at our whits end annnnd... here's a referral for an allergy testing doctor.

To which I wanted to cry and kiss her lovely, dirty, I'm sure to be disgusting feet she walked on.

And then she told me to go out an buy a probiotic to shove down Lydia's throat because, frankly, we're running out of options, here.

A probiotic? You mean the same thing that my friend Teresa told me less then a week ago to run out and buy? The same thing that I just picked up from the all natural food store this very afternoon? You mean... you mean...

I'm not sure exactly what was running through my mind except relief. To know that these civilians actually care and that, yes, even though Lydia may be younger then they'd like to run an allergy test, they're willing to give it a try.

The only bad news of the whole event was the possibility that Lydia won't be off her superduperreallyexpensive formula by a year. But, still, that's a worse case scenario. And I'm pretty sure there are more horrible things in the world then that.


  1. I am glad you found a good dr. We are on the outs with ours and with a month to go before we move, I won't be going out to find another one. I'll just hope that no no one gets sick or that if they do, her assistant is there because while I think he might not like us either, he's a bit nicer. How are the pro-biotics working? Margaret gets explosive diapers for awhile when we start using them, yes I am a bad mom and forget to give them to her :

  2. Congrats! I remember my mother's concern and hatred for military doctors. It finally took my brother nearly dying before a military doctor would sign off on allowing him to get his allergy testing done. He was just over a year when he got his and as much as children grow, his just got worse as he got older. But good news he is allergic to very few things now (he's twenty). Good Luck with the probiotic

  3. yay for civilian docs! (mental note ... i still need to find one of those since my kids haven't seen a doctor since Jacob's 2-week appt in may)

    hope the test can help figure out what the problem(s) are so you'll know what/if you can do to fix it!