Friday, August 07, 2009

Life Gets Hard

  • When your downstairs smells of closed up ick, even when all the windows are open.
  • When you find TONS of dog hair on your couches because your dogs use every opportunity to sleep on them when you're out of the house.
  • When you vacuum TONS of dog hair off of your couches only to flip the cushion over and find it is a nice shade of green............ and your couch is brown.
  • When you realize that this green is ALIVE and GROWING on the bottom of your couch cushion that is also sopping WET.
  • When you start searching out the rest of the immediate area only to find that two of the baby's frequently played with toys are harboring mold as well as the wall behind the couch.
  • When you realize that your oldest took a 2.5 hour long nap on the offending couch that very afternoon.
  • When you branch out and find that mold is in every single ROOM in the down stairs.
  • When the worst of the damage seems to be on the couch, love seat and the 500,000 individual pieces of toys in the girl's toy room.
  • When your daughter's baby doll/stuffed animal collection is suddenly cut in half because there is no way to save them.
  • When you now have to keep your children either upstairs or out of the house while simultaneously cleaning the down stairs.
On a good note, at least the land lord is jumping on top of it. We're hoping that by this time next week things will return to our regularly scheduled programing, sans couch and love seat combo.


  1. Hopefully the insurance will cover part of the loss...but that sucks Non-the-less!

  2. I am so sorry, we went through the whole mold thing at the other house we lived in when we got here. Not cool. It was everywhere in the house, worst in the bedrooms. Our landlord said he thinks it was because we let the kids in the house with their shoes on, puhhhhleeeze! Then he didn't really want to do anything about it, oh, he jumped on it at first and then backed off when he found out it wasn't black mold, even when we told him our dr. said it needed attention and needed to be cleaned up before the baby (Margaret) came. He had the gall to say, "aren't babies born with high immune systems?". Oh MY GOODNESS!!! The man has 6 kids of his own. Any way...the mold guy who came out said to clean with vinegar because it didn't have a high water content and it would work dual purpose, killing the mold and not leaving any water behind for spores to cling and grown on.

  3. I think EVERYTHING we own has now been soaked in vinegar. Though I just used it because it is non toxic and the girl's toys had the worst of the damage right behind the couches. Hopefully our landlord doesn't back out. So far, all we have is a shiny new dehumidifier.... and this is 5 days after the fact. He says monday will bring the carpet guys and hopefully a paint guys. We'll see. He's not know for his promptness, but I'm keeping my fingers crossed. (and the girls out of the house at every oportunity!)

  4. That really sucks, I'm sorry that happened. Hopefully your landlord will stay on top of it.