Friday, July 10, 2009

Sweet Cheeks

If you ever want to know how Lydia got those fat, chipmunk cheeks,
Its not like we feed her anything out of the ordinary.
She consumes all the same kind of foods any other 6 month old would munch on.
But her cheeks?
They still look like we stuffed them with marshmallows or the fluffiest white cake you've ever laid eyes on.
Don't you just want to devour her? I sure do.

Looking at those cheeks makes some people have the overwhelming urge to pinch them. For me, it makes me want to go back for seconds at the dessert table.

Maybe that's why I haven't lost the baby weight, yet?


  1. LOVE fat little baby cheeks!! BTW, her hair looks a bit red!

  2. She's a cute little girl, puffy cheeks and all. Her hair does look reddish in a couple of the pictures.

  3. I love the cheeks. I want to pinch them! Great pictures!