Saturday, June 13, 2009

It's Official- Teeth

I'm calling it for official this time.

Cranky as all get-out.
Loose stool.
Occasional rash on either girl parts or bottom.
Chomps on anything and everything that comes into her mouth.
Random feeling of warmness but not quite fever worthy.

Symptoms we're lacking:
Extra drool.
Red swollen gums.
Chapped chubby-cheeks.

What we're doing for her:
Letting her live. (with all the excess screaming, this mark is worth noting)
Giving her Tylenol in this handy device. (without it, she spits out anything that does not come through a bottle nipple, food included)
Letting her live.
Giving her anything short of sandpaper to shove in her pie hole.
Letting her live.

Any suggestions you may have? Speak now or forever hold your peace.


  1. We use the Hylands Teething Tablets for Nyki and since using it, never have to give her panadol which is awesome. During her Very Active Teething stages, she gets two tablets 4x a day which includes one right before bed. Pure bliss.

    Beyond that though, she's got teether rings, Kira's Little People figurines, the cats and rubber thongs to chew on. (um, thongs = flipflops not some strange underwear)

    You know though, I'm seriously considering giving the girl sandpaper. She tries so hard to chew on my tiled floors or the large metal bolts on my elliptical machine. Poor bubba.

  2. Oh! Oh we also have a little mesh bag thingy that you can put food into and they can eat it but can't actually take off big chunks and choke? Um this thing:

    Anyway we use that a lot too with cold banana. Works a treat!

  3. I just got one of those handy devices from a parent (who is a pediatric nurse). I am glad to know they work. Don't know anything about teething other than Robert use to teeth on our barbie legs.

  4. Lots of people I know swear by the Hylands Teething Tabs(as mentioned above). Kenzie was a pleasant teether thankfully.

    Know some people put ice cubes in the mesh things and it worked well.

    Good luck! Yay for toofers!