Monday, May 18, 2009

My Excuse Is Rainy Days And A Sleeping Husband Don't Mesh Well

A girl friend of mine wrote how her husband and their male room mate were scolding her about her imperfect cleaning abilities. For that, I have to show her (and maybe her husband and roommate if she forces them to look at these pictures) how the rest of us live.

Beware, June Clever does not live at my house.

At my house we do things like put the baby in the floor to play with the dogs while we surf the internet all day.
And while I could be cleaning off the coffee table, what I'm really doing is soaking in a bubble bath while reading a book and drinking a glass of wine.
And that pile of clothes that needs ironing? It's been sitting there since the beginning of April. Why rush now?
And Kyra's toy room? There's a door that I can close at anytime when I don't want to look at the mess.
And the tumble weeds that somehow resemble clumps of dog hair? Psh. Ignore that.The dirty clothes some how manages to pile up just as quickly as I wash them, so why bother to stay on top of it? I'm going to start implementing the smell test in our house. Pick up what you want to wear and smell it. If it doesn't stink, it's still good! I hear many teenagers use this as a way to decipher the mass of clean clothes they refuse to put away and let sit on the floor with the dirty ones. If it doesn't smell of funk, what's the difference?
But, really? We all know that isn't true. Because I'm a clean freak, for the most part. But this week has been shitty because Jer's working all night and sleeping all day. To top that off, it's been rather wet and rainy outside so we've all been stuck inside and forced to be quiet.

So, when Lydia cries we strap her in this:
And when Kyra cries, I ask her to help me make this:
And when Mommy is trying desperately to make her family happy, she researches new recipes for supper and whips up a little bit of this: And while our house may not always be as clean as we like it and the clothes we wear may not always be ironed, at least we have good food, happy children and relatively stink free britches, if you're not standing down wind from us, that is. (HA! I'm totally kidding on that last part. I might very well have a panic attack if anyone in my family is wearing anything dirty, that's where my OCD might very well be at it's worst) (Kyra's play clothes don't count)

So, my friend, every one sails that dirty ship once in a while. I think it's called the S.S. I Have An Excuse. And believe me, we can all come up with GREAT excuses why we don't always have either the time or ambition to pick up.

My question to you is, what excuse are you using these days?

**Make note, all pictures were taken today. This is REALLY what my house looks like at this very minute.


  1. Wow. I totally would NOT expect this from you. Except the cooking part of course.

  2. thank you thank you thank you as soon as michael wakes up i am showing him this and once he leaves for work its erics turn they shall scold me no more and that food looks amazing ive been living off lean pockets

  3. My excuse is that I lived in someone else's house (parent's/mom's) for 20 years and had to live by their rules ("clean your room/bathroom/dishes/etc") - and in a few years I'll have a kid or two running around and will need to at least attempt to keep a clean house then, so this is the part of my life where I can do whatever I want to do. There's a pile of clothes on the couch, dishes in the dishwasher that need to be put away, but I just don't feel like doing any of it. And the best part is I don't have to.

    Oh, sweet you changed the comment thing back! Thank you!!!

  4. I am so glad you got off the illusions bandwagon, I think it is important for moms to have their illusions of other moms broken :) I think it can go quite a ways to helping us moms not freak out about messy homes and really focus on the important things, like babies and kids and family. My mom says that when we were younger she would let the house go because she knew spending more time with us was important, not if the toilet was clean, and she's right, I don't remember disgusting toilets or dirty stoves, I remember my mom playing with us and making us yummy food, you go girl :) And for anyone who thinks Alicia's house is messy you can check out mine :), though I don't want anyone to use our houses as an excuse to keep their's messy, ours do get cleaned up, we are just learning to not be OCD about it :) I do believe there is a peace in cleanliness and we do strive for it, but focusing on the kids is more important sometimes.

  5. You know for a minute I thought we could be twins. I actually thought, "Ah, my sister soulmate, I have found her!" and then I got all upset when I read this line: We all know that isn't true.

    (Don't worry I'm only 80% kidding)

    I actually am a bit envious of you neat freaks. I could not be a neat freak if my life depended on it, seriously. I just don't care enough (which is my downfall, not that you're a freak or anything). As long as my house is presentable and somewhat tidy, I'm happy.

    Also, your Kyra's toyroom is SO neat in comparison to my Kira's toyroom. I'm actually a wee bit embarrassed to say that. :\ LOL

  6. heh. I'm kinda on the Lindsey side of things here. My house isn't too terribly off....but my exccuse is that I work odd hours at work, got no one comin over I need to impress, and my house doesn't have a funny odor nor do the things inside of it. :) therefore, I am quite content to clean up the terrible doggie/kitty messes (ie: puke, kitty litter box). Perhaps I should leave my vaccum a note that goes something like this "Oh Mister Dyson vaccum...I haven't seen you in a couple of weeks...but we'll get together real soon!" heh...maybe.

  7. oh this is an awesome post. Makes me feel better. My excuses are... I am pregnant and don't want to. And I am moving soon so why bother scrubbing everything now when i will have to do it again in a few weeks.