Wednesday, April 08, 2009

This is What You Get When I Don't Have a Solid Topic of Discussion

-- While yesterday Lydia wailed and screamed for the better part of the afternoon and ENTIRE evening, today she rewarded me for my patience by taking regular naps and not torturing me because she's tired and thinks if she closes her eyes she just might miss something and it's ALL. MOMMY'S. FAULT! Yep. She's blaming me for all her troubles already. She'll make a fine teenager.

-- Kyra had a dentist appointment today. She's had a chipped tooth since July. The dentist asked if she grinds her teeth when she sleep. How am I supposed to know? When the kids go to sleep I stay F A R away so as not to disturb my peace and quiet. So he asked if she chews her nails. Why YES! Yes she does. And it drives me absolutely batty. Why? Apparently if you chew your nails you also most likely grind your teeth when you sleep. Hmm... that explains why Jeremy grinds his teeth too. Today we painted Kyra's finger nails with some terrible tasting nail polish in hopes of curbing her nasty habit.

-- Since moving to the Artic Tundra, we eat at the same restaurant EVERY Friday. It's a tradition we've revived from our last stint here- over 4 years ago. Different restaurant this go around, but still every Friday.

-- Not only is my brother and his wife going to have his first child in the fall... but now my brother in law and his wife are expecting too. Neither one did Jer or myself ever consider would be having a baby anytime soon. Guess we were WAY off.

-- Being that Lydia was so cute and cuddly and NICE TO ME today, during one of her naps I was googling how to adopt in the Artic Tundra. I showed Jeremy the pages of SIBLINGS! to adopt. He shot me down. Without hesitation.

-- Several weeks ago, after a long day of Lydia screaming at us (again), we climbed into bed at the end of the night and started talking about how cute both the girls are. And how we wouldn't mind having another one.

-- Two weeks after Lydia was born Jeremy went to the boat's Doc and asked how to go about getting a vasectomy as soon as possible. Doc said it couldn't be done until after we moved. Somehow I don't think it'll be followed through with as quickly as we first thought. Maybe in three years I'll be crying all over again how my baby was sent as a gift from the Devil himself and how I'll NEVER! have another child from my uterus... and then swoon over the thought of Just one more... Why, yes, yes we are gluttons for punishment.

-- With all the screaming Lydia does over the course of a week, I've come to appreciate Kyra much more. Kyra still holds the title as World's Most Perfect Child. I'm not sure what title to give Lydie Cake... Worlds Most Disgruntled Midget?

The girls are of the same age in these pictures. The differences in temperament is clearly apparent:

Kyra: Hi Mommy! You're here! To take my picture! What a wonderful day this is going to be!

Lydia: What do you want? Don't piss me off. I will scream. I. WILL. SCREAM! Oh, sure, I'm mostly happy and complacent NOW but it won't take but 3 nanoseconds for me to change my mind, just you wait and see...

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  1. I never noticed but Kyra had the same shaped head as you and I think Chris did...Large like mine I know child with the biggest head ever but same shape as you guys. I do have the most adorable nieces though.