Sunday, March 08, 2009


Leave it to the husband to keep you off the internet for 4 days even though it's hooked up and you're paying for it because 1) while he found all the pieces to the computer on Wednesday he didn't know where the movers packed the cords until I found them with my bra's and panties (yep, seriously. Bra's, panties, power cords. I'm not sure how those got into my top drawer...) and 2) when the computer is completely hooked up and functional I gave the husband permission to make the computer run faster on the premise that he will not break it annnnnd then it doesn't work until late Saturday night because he has to buy some fancy-shmancy cord for 20 bucks because the other one shorted out.

Anyway. Kyra's schedule is slowly coming into place.

  • Her library time is set as she attends her second class this week.
  • One week of ice skating down, two more to go before they shut down the rink.... What the hell? The Artic Tundra closes an ice rink for 3 months yet the Mason Dixon Line manages to find enough cold air to keep their ice frozen year round?
  • I have the number and will call to set up Kyra's gymnastics sometime this week.
  • And finally, Jer and I are researching the local Catholic School system they've got going around here. We're hoping to find a school that still uses dunce caps for the kids sitting in the corner and nuns with rulers just the right size to smack a hand or desk with. Yep, we're those parents. The kind who is happy to see a village raising a child.
Lydia is back to being a normal baby. She sleeps for the better part of the day, a feat not accomplished since she was in her 3rd week of life. She wakes up long enough to eat, smiles and coos at you for an hour, demanding to be held during the entire awake period and then it's back to bed for 3-4 more hours. That is normal, right? I mean, Kyra never slept that much but I've heard most babies do.

Also, the little midget has been growing. I've had to fold up her first 0-3 month outfit today. Her arms were too long for the long sleeved onsie. No. Really. It fit everywhere else except her arms extended farther then the end of her sleeve and it looked funny. Think she's going to be one of those freaks with the creepy long monkey arms? Think I maybe, might, shouldn't be calling her a freak so young in life as it maybe, might give her a complex?

Eh, that's okay.

We'll probably be paying for her therapy bills later in life for doing much worse to her. We often use the phrase Where's the Disgruntled Baby? or Do you want the Disgruntaled One? because of all the crying we've endured the last 6 weeks. Maybe we should get over that nickname since she's hasn't really been disgruntaled lately. If we call her disgruntled enough she might just turn into one of those pissed off old ladies you see in the movies ---->

Anyway. I'm all kinds of lonely up here. I need new friends. I miss my Mason Dixon friends. Jer so kindly nicknamed us the Park Mafia because there were four of us with children and we frequently got together at the park for lunch and play time. Although, we also managed to get together at the zoo, each other's houses, Chuck E. Cheese... apparently he didn't take any of that into consideration.

So, 2 of those friends came into my life because they just invited themselves over to my house. Both would show up randomly, without warning just to hang out and chit chat. The third friend I met through the other two. She was a quick fit into our group. Because I'm socially inept, that seems to be the only way I know how to make friends, you either show up on my doorstep frequently and without warning or friends though association. Whatever works.

My problem now is that I live kind of out there. Our address is considered "rural" even to the local post office which, I think, is a converted old house. A very small old house. And, lets face it, Wal-Mart is 30 minutes away. Not many places anymore where there isn't a Wal-Mart within 3 minutes of your house. And unless I wonder around Wal-Mart all day, how am I supposed to be social in a rural community?

So, my question to you is... how do I make new friends?

I tried to get my old ones to move up here with me, they politely declined- something about "hell no, they're not stupid and their husbands are fully planning on getting out of the navy" or "we have orders elsewhere," to which I have to say psh. But, seriously. How in the world do you make friends in the adult world without them forcing themselves upon you? Apparently, I like being a hermit and am quite fond of pushy friendships but you can't find those everyday when you enjoy living away from society.


  1. I have a similar antisocial problem. I don't like people. I think perhaps if you can find a local park or something with some kiddos or once Kyra gets into her activities it will be easier for you to make some friends.

  2. I've always found that church groups don't mind if you barge in and demand social interaction. And some of them provide childcare for an hour or so too. And no, that's not just a plug for Bible studies (although I totally plug Bible studies). Look for a MOPS group or something like it.

    Glad your little family is getting back to normal, technology issues and all.

  3. i think it's fair game to do to her what you will as long as you're willing to pay the therapy bill, lol! sounds like Kyra will be kept busy, maybe you could make friends with the other moms at her activities. we miss you, too!!

  4. Is everyone having the antisocial blues lately? Just move back here - problem solved.

    Ha! My word verification for this comment is "tramphat". Tramp Hat. Hehe...

  5. meagan brillantMarch 09, 2009 7:30 PM

    let me know when and how you make friends because seriously i suck too hope the family is well miss you all soo much