Monday, March 23, 2009

Picture Perfect Adventure

Over the weekend we ventured out into the deep dark depths of some caverns I found while searching the Internet for things to do OUTSIDE of the house. We chose to poke around the inside of the earth rather then poking around our own house for yet another weekend.

Kyra was excited. I told her how the caverns were formed over thousands and millions of years by an underground river. She insisted, no matter how much I told her it wasn't true, that there were sharks in that river and we'd have to swim really fast so they don't bite us. Eh. The imagination a 3 year old carries.

The day was fun. A nice 2 hour walking tour in 50 something degree temps inside the cave. We saw a whole bunch of rocks. Some of them looked awful slimy and kinda creepy.
Some looked dull and slightly resembled Jaws... I guess Kyra was right all along.
Not that she was smug about it or anything.
Jeremy had a slightly more difficult time through some parts of the cave, as he was taller then Kyra's 3 foot whatever and my own vertically challenged stature, but he seemed to manage all right.Lydia grumbled and fussed off and on through the tour. I think she was disgruntled because we dared to wake her up from her nap and take her somewhere that wasn't effectively 385 degrees in temperature. (No, seriously, this kid LOVES the air around her to be warm enough for her to sweat. Eww... She sleeps better that way.) But I'd pat her bottom, shush softly in her ear and sway back and for to calm her back down.
And when she fell back to sleep, then I too could once again enjoy the beauties and wonders of Mother Nature. We all left. Hand in hand. Or strapped to a chest, whatever the case was when we arrived, and we left happy.
It was a nice family outing. And our first opportunity to get a picture with the four of us together. Our new family.
Even if it was only half of Kyra's face and the back of Lydia's hat covered head. It was our family, in print, for the first time.

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  1. sounds like a nice day ... i love those family days that end without fights!