Thursday, January 08, 2009

Because I'm An Idiot Or Can I Still Blame It On Pregnancy?

After laughing at Jeremy for packing the diaper bag so full of stuff that it couldn't close, I repacked it with less stuff. It wasn't until Lydia and I were out in town with a girl friend that I noticed I had no diapers. Not-a-one.

Jeremy over packs. I under pack. Less isn't always more.


Monday I begged Jeremy to buy me a few new-to-me pairs of pants from the thrift store. I can't stand wearing maternity pants. Didn't like it while I was pregnant. The good news is I fit into a size 12! Much better then the size 16s I bought 3 1/2 weeks after Kyra was born. Anyhow, upon donning my new pants the first day I couldn't figure out why I couldn't pull the suckers down from my waist. It took me a minute to figure out these pants didn't have adjustable, elastic waistbands.

Apparently I've been wearing too much elastic these last few months.


This afternoon Jer came home from work to a wife about to scratch large gaping holes into her abdomen because the healing incision itched like crazy. He brought me two Benadryl tablets. The only other time I've ever had Benadryl (to my knowledge) was this last stay in the hospital to combat the itching that resulted as a side effect from the spinal medication. Every time they injected the Benadryl into my IV, I was out cold within a half hour. No different today. But I seemed to have forgotten the effect this simple medication has on me.

While feeding Lydia on the couch, Jer came over to check on us only to find me fast asleep with a bottle still shoved in Lydia's mouth.

Guess I'm not taking any Benadryl to ward off the itching and scratching unless Jeremy is home.


  1. You should be able to use diluted tea tree oil; it will stop the itching and help speed up the healing process.

    The going-out-without-nappies? Ya, been there too. LOL!

  2. You can still blame that on pregnancy. Remember, it takes about a year to get all those hormones out of your system. :)