Sunday, December 28, 2008

No Christmas Miracle Here, Folks

Well? There was no Christmas miracle here. I'm still pregnant. Damn that Santa and his not giving me what I asked for...

As for the rest of our Christmas, things around here went splendidly well! Kyra greeted Jer and myself at 7am beaming with excitement and exclaiming in the most rushed tone ever, "I didn't see him but Santa left a house and a bicycle!" She was truly the most excited little thing I've ever seen in my life.
Her new bicycle has been one of the great hits this season. It also comes in a close tie with the three tubes of chapstick that was left in her stalking.
And the cap guns that Santa also stuffed into her and Jeremy's stalkings. Although, I think Jer was certainly more excited over this present.
For each bike ride, Jer loads his gun with a new round of caps. Kyra loads her bike with her "Monster Goon that I'm going to pile the monsters with" (translated: monster gun that she's going to pow the monsters with), a baby or her puppy, and a tube of chapstick.
See the orange cap sticking out from just under the baby? That's her Monster Gun. She will ride down the way, stopping at random times to shoot a monster, replace her gun and then apply her chapstick. Always in that order. And about 400,000 times within one bike ride around the block.

The only thing Kyra seemed disappointed about was that Santa didn't bring Lydia a toy box. Seriously. She remembered her simple request to the big man and she didn't accept the explanation that Jer and I mustered when trying to explain that Santa only brings gifts to children who are already born. She still pouted. But I think she'll get over it. I hope.

In other news.... I only have a day and a half left until they yank this damned little termite out of my uterus. I think by 4pm Monday, I'll be counting down the hours. And by noon on Tuesday, I just might switch to counting down the minutes. And maybe, just maybe, by 3pm on Tuesday- I'll count down the seconds. I'll just have to get Jer to find me some program to convert all that information for me real quick.

It'll add to Jeremy's whole thought process that I'm losing my mind. Seriously, he thinks there is something wrong with me because I've been having him dusting everything from furniture to magic erasing marks off of the walls. Some people call this the nesting stage. I call this People will be coming to my house to see the wee little babe and I'm not going to have the energy to pick up and vacuum before they come over, much less dust and spot clean, so we might as well get that out of the way now. Jer is completely clueless to this logic.

Hey, ya'll! I'm having my innards ripped out in less then 48 hours and I'm excited. How would you feel if you were in my shoes?


  1. Kyra is the cutest little thing ever! What other big sister would be concerned that her little sister (not even born yet) might be left out!! What a doll baby. Here's the difference a year makes. My little miss was not only NOT concerned about what other's received, she honestly didn't care much about what she got either. It took us 4 tries (with pleas) to get our child to open her presents.
    We will now have to take the girls on bike rides (and by we, I mostly mean me...since you will hopefully have your hands full very very soon...there's my offer, you have my number. I will be seeing you soon...and while I completely understand your logic regarding your house, I don't mind a few dust balls as long as I get to hold the baby.

  2. man. i thought since we haven't heard from you in a couple days that your post would have pictures of a new baby. Well the pictures of Kyra are enough and very cute.
    just a little note- Stalking is what crazy people do, stocking is what is hung on a mantle.
    Hope to see pictures of a little baby soon!!!

  3. Adorable. And yes I am excited that you're having your innards ripped out!

  4. I was in your shoes last year just after thanksgiving. I'm not sure how kyra was born. But my first was a C-section so I knew what to expect. I was a little wound up, but I so wanted him out and I didn't care how he had to do it.
    I hope you have a speedy deliver.. tip**send the baby to the nursery at night. We did and I actually got some sleep.

  5. i happen to be very excited that lydia is coming tomorrow just ask eric i bring it up at least 3 times a day i think he is very annoyed with that fact i am so very excited about your new addition.... anyways i know everything will go ok and if you need anything you have the number cant wait to see lydia and hope all is well with you and jeremy and kyra

  6. Bet she's here now! Man, hope your having fun cuddling that brand new baby girl! Congrats Jeremy and Alicia!! And of course, big sissy, Kyra!!