Tuesday, September 16, 2008

You All Would Warn Me If a Deadly Desease Were to Roll Through Town, Right?

Its been one of those days. You know the kind.

Like when you wake up on time for your kid's 3 year check up, make it to the parking garage 20 minutes before your child's appointment time, put the car in park at the exact same time your child is due to see the doctor, and finally get through the garage, hospital, and reception line only to be told you're 10 minutes late. But wait! We'll ask the doctor if they will see you.

Except no, the doctor will not see you because "if she can't make it to the appointment on time then she needs to reschedule for a time she can be here without delay."

HI! HELLO! This is me you're talking about, douche bag. I'm the one who is half wet because I parked in the only space available on the incline to the top floor of the parking deck. I'm the one who is gasping for air because not only did I run down 3 flights of stairs. I'm the one who ran through 2 hallways and waited for your receptionists to finish up with her 5 minute, detailed, conversation with the dude 2 people in front of me. Not only that, but I did all this 6 months pregnant with a 3 year old on my hip!

I totally held off my tears as I calmly grabbed Kyra's hand and walked away quietly answering her questions of "Why I not see my docker? But I wanna see my docker." with responses like "because we were too late, honey." and "because they don't understand that Mommy tried very hard to get you here but sometimes things don't always work out."

I totally wanted to scream and yell that I tried, that parking here sucks dirty ass and maybe I would have only been 5 minutes late if they had more then one receptionist to check people in. And that, DAMN IT! I TRIED REALLY REALLY HARD TO MAKE IT HERE ON TIME!

But I didn't say anything. Except Thank You and I'm sorry for taking up your time because I'm sure they've heard all the excuses in the world and mine would not have been any different, no matter how true they were.

What really made me upset wasn't the fact that I was turned away, but the fact that I was turned away when there was no one, NO ONE, in the waiting area. The two people in front of me were redirected somewhere else which left only Kyra and myself in the room. So I'm not sure exactly who we would have been holding up with our 10 minute tardiness...? And not only that, but seriously, when, in the history of waiting rooms, has anyone actually been seen on time? I mean, we're always there 15 minutes early and I tend to consider it a good wait if we are actually seen 20 minutes late.

I was told to reschedule. But I'm not going to. The way I see it, if a yearly check up was that important for the doctor to nonchalantly cast us away, then Kyra can just wait until she's 4 before we try it again. At another duty station. One with non retarded pediatricians.

Until then, someone give me a heads up if the Bubonic Plague comes rolling through the Mason Dixon Line, eh? She is no longer considered up to date on her shots.


  1. I would really look into switching doctors. Very rarely did we get to turn down a patient for being late. And when we did, it was for like days late not minutes or even hours. The doctor did not want your business. I would also be careful, because nowadays doctos are charging a co pay even if they don't see you, but because you took up spot someone else could have been in. Good luck next year!

  2. I agree. There is no way I would go to that "docker" again. Not only because he was rude, but he obviously couldn't care less about the health of your child.

  3. Are you guys seeing an on post physician? I'm working right now to have my PCM at the clinic on post changed because she...well...she sucked rotten butt. Perhaps you guys could find someone off post?

  4. I agree, switch doctors. I would have told them right there that I want my records pulled and we will find another doctor.
    I have showed up late before and never had a problem.

  5. OMG WTF?

    Seriously, switch dockers. That shit's not on, ESPECIALLY when it's more common than not for US to have to wait for THEM for upwards of 30 freakin minutes!!!!!!!!

    I remember having dr appts in the states when I was there in CT, and I *never* had less than an hour wait. NEVER. That's just total bs.

  6. I am sure Kyra is ultra safe from all those wild diseases that they're vaccinating for anyway!! Including the Bubonic plague. Though, I was curious about her new weight and height for her BIG three birthday!!