Sunday, July 20, 2008

Summing Up the Weekend

1- I might very well have ate my weight in salad this weekend. Pregnancy cravings or normal reaction to hot weather?

2- If I lived anywhere near a very tall cliff, Saturday could have very well been Kyra's last day on earth. She was an absolute holy terror and by 6 o'clock at night we were both in our respected beds crying when Jeremy came home from work. I'm sure his first reaction was an overwhelming desire to be back on the boat. Today? She was a peach. An absolute peach.

3- Kyra's latest thing is to pick up random books and ask if we'll read Army Wives to her. She's never seen Army Wives and I have no idea where she picked it up from, but Jeremy's using this as another reason for my corruption of his little girl. Shaking his head he repeats "First Oprah, then the news, now Army Wives." How can this possibly be my fault when Army Wives comes on at 10 and Kyra is in bed by 8?

4- Bishop and Cricket are still scratching and driving me crazy. Jeremy's been slathering them with some kind of flea spray every other day and tonight they received their second flea dip in a week. He says he didn't see a single flea on either of them while they were in the bath. Does this mean their flea free or the fleas jumped off and hunkered down in our rug until the dip effects wear off? Also, do you know if I can put two doses of Front Line a dog in three weeks?


  1. Is it possible the dogs could be suffering from some kind of heat-related dermatitis and not necessarily fleas? One of my dogs used to get very dry skin in the summer, almost similar to dandruff but not, and we had to give her a special shampoo after seeing the vet.

  2. I had the same thought as Erica. Lilly scratches all the time because of allergies - we have to give her Benadryl every morning. It is worse in the summer because she goes outside more often and dust/dirt gets caught in her hair.

  3. I think you two may be right.

    They did have fleas, we spied them up until we dipped them yesterday. But today they're still scratching and we can't find a single one (thank God!). I'm beginning to think maybe we've dried their skin out with all the baths and flea treatments we've tormented them with.

    Any ideas how to rehydrate their skin again?

  4. Hey Lici. I have a couple of suggestions for the babies. You can put some oil or grease on their food, bathe them in a dry scalp shampoo and definately try the Benadryl. Hope it helps. Congrats on the baby, too. Barbara