Tuesday, June 03, 2008

A New Day. A Better Day.

So today was marked with changing Kyra's insurance, then talking with a lady actually who knows her stuff and switched Kyra to a doctor in another, hopefully not retarded, clinic, then told me she'd shred my request to change insurance. Fabulous.

Then when I put Kyra in her car seat, which was sitting next to her BFF Rachel's car seat who truly enjoys her personal space, Kyra decided to move her hand from her own lap and put it in her Rachel's lap. Rachel started with the "Kyra's touching meeee!" whine, (which, PS, I hate whining and thank God Kyra's not into that kind of thing because I think I might have drowned her in the bathtub long ago when I was all sad and PPD but I'm better now and so it's not quite as dangerous to be miniature and whine around me anymore) so I told Kyra to get her hand back in her car seat and then next time she touches Rachel without being asked I would cut her hand off.

Kyra started crying. Uncontrollably. Usually I can say THAT'S ENOUGH! and she'll sop those tears up right away. But she didn't stop crying. Then I felt guilty.

So I cuddled her head and told her softly that Rachel doesn't want to be touched and she needed to keep her hand in her own car seat or she's going to find trouble (read: a swift kick to the ass a smack on the hand)... And, by the way, did she want to get some bites and then go to the Zoo?! Which totally fixed everything and placed me back upon a pedestal in her eyes.

Once again, life is good.


  1. Rachel looks like she is 6! Did they have a sleepover? Cute Jammies! Nice threats, Mama! LOL! On a serious note- glad your day was better!

  2. Adorable picture of adorable little girls1!